EASYFIX to unveil new ammonia reducing technologies at Balmoral

EASYFIX will be profiling – for the first time - a range of farm ammonia reducing technologies at this year’s Balmoral Show.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, 7:43 pm
The new EASYFIX slurry aeration system will feature prominently at this year's Balmoral Show
The new EASYFIX slurry aeration system will feature prominently at this year's Balmoral Show

The event will provide the company with a first opportunity to profile its new aeration system, which will deliver key benefits in terms of managing slurry in store, minimising ammonia volatilisation and improving its fertiliser value.

EASYFIX’s Enda Corrigan commented:“We will have a model of the new technology on the stand. Research carried out at Wageningen University has confirmed that the new aeration system is proven to reduce ammonia emissions by 51% while also acting to increase the soil availability of the nitrogen, potash and phosphorous in slurry.

He added:“The continuous liquid state, which the slurry finds itself in, eliminates the need for agitation and/or mixing. 

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Cows at a new EASYFIX feed barrier.

“This makes for a safer environment from the point of view of both the animals and the farmer.”

EASYFIX Slurry Technology acts to aerate all the slurry in a tank on an intermittent basis, courtesy of a unique ‘timed compression system’.  

This action creates a slurry that is fully oxygenated at all times. The end result is the production of a homogeneous liquid, containing an even distribution of all the nutrients contained in the slurry within the tank. 

Enda Corrigan again:“A number of the aeration systems have recently been installed on livestock farms across Northern Ireland.

A new shed featuring EASYFIX slat rubber

“Farmers are confirming that there is absolutely no smell in the houses within which the system is operating.

“Because the slurry is always in a homogenous state, there is no need to mix the tank, prior to it being pumped out. The health and safety advantages associated with the management of slurry in this way are significant.”

Enda went on to point out that, in the future, livestock farmers will be expected to reduce the Carbon Footprint of their businesses while, at the same time, lowering the level of gaseous emissions from their farms.

He continued:“The new EASYFIX Slurry Technology provides a proven solution to both these challenges.

A new shed featuring EASYFIX cubicles and cow mattresses.

“It benefits farmers in their quest for lower emissions, a reduced Carbon Footprint and increased slurry nutrients. The consequent reduction in artificial fertilizer usage acts to boost farm profits.”

Significantly, the new EASYFIX Slurry Technology can be fitted in both new and old underground tanks, above ground tanks and lagoons. It is equally suited for use in dairy, beef and pig enterprises.

Another proven technology, which will act to reduce ammonia levels in cattle sheds, is the EASYFIX SDR Slat Rubber product.

The sloped profile of the rubber helps to remove faeces and other materials from the surface and transfer them into the slurry tank more quickly.

Getting the waste into the tank faster means that less ammonia is produced out in the open air. This quick transfer also aids improved dirt scores. With less dirt compacting on the rubber there is less waste to stick to the animals’ hides.

EASYFIX will also be profiling an extensive range of products, all of which are eligible for Tranche 3 of the Farm Business Improvement Scheme. This includes the company’s entire slat rubber range in tandem with its innovative flexible cubicle, mattress and feeding systems.

A case in point in point is the new EASYFIX Jupiter 45 cow mattress system.

Enda Corrigan explained: “It comprises a series of interlocking mats, each 45 inches wide. Each mattress comes with its own brisket board and side pillows. Balmoral Show is providing us with the first opportunity to publically profile the new system.”

“He concluded: “We will also have an innovative range of feed bunkers and barriers on display at our Balmoral stand.

“Delivering the optimal levels of cow comfort is extremely important for dairy farmers.

“We manufacture a range of market leading range of cow mats for use in dairy parlours and collecting yards.

“We also produce a range of mats that can be installed in the pit of a milking parlour, in order to maximise the level of comfort enjoyed by farmers and operators while working with the cows.”

EASYFIX will be located on Stand C8 (Avenue 4) at this year’s Balmoral Show.