Ewes and lambs selling to £198 at Gortin

An excellent trade in Gortin with lambs topping £148.50/26kg and ewes and lambs making £198 for singles.

By Darryl Armitage
Thursday, 16th June 2022, 2:30 pm


M Hamilton £148.50/26kg. R Hemphill £146/25kg. P Kelly £145/25kg. R McPhillimy £145/24kg £128/31kg. J Waters £144/23kg. A Morris £143/23kg £139/22kg. A McFarland £140.50/22kg. S Allen £140/22kg. L Duffy £139/23kg £130/20kg. D Fleming £138.50/22.5kg. P McBride £138/22.5kg. G Bradley £138/23kg. J Young £136/21.5kg. W McElmurry £136/23kg. P Kelly £134.50/21.5kg. S McLaughlin £134/21kg £128/20.5kg. M Hegarty £133.50/21.5kg. W Rankin £130/21kg. S Walmsley £130/26kg. I Donald £129/20kg. R Muldoon £127/22kg. K Campton £123.50/20kg E Davis £122/19kg.


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A McFarland £172 £154. V Keenan £170. I Donald £170 £154. R McPhillimy £170. S McLaughlin £164. J Young £162 £147 £145. D McCreesh £156 £146. A Speer £156 £148. J Kenning £155 £134. D Fleming £154. M Hamilton £152. W Rankin £148. N McBeth £145. N Donaghy £144. S Molloy £140. S McGlinchey £140. S Walmsley £136.