Exciting showjumping league final anticipated

Week four of Ecclesville’s showjumping league allowed competitors their last chance to qualify for the prizes at the final on 8 October.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 7th October 2021, 10:00 am

With some very nifty combinations on form, the organisers are anticipating a great evening of show-jumping.

The potential bonus of super league points on offer for the top six in each class, with beautiful trophies to be awarded in December, should be a great incentive for the riders.

Everyone is welcome to come along and jump, whether they are qualified or not.

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Results from 1 October:

40cm Class (Double Clears)

Rosie Clarke and Ben; Leah Donnelly and Sally; Jack Smith and Ellie; Rebecca Caldwell and Ria; Victoria Donnelly and Rosie; Kelly-Rose Daly and Henry; Conor McGirr and Chester; Ella-Mae McGirr and Chester; Charlotte Porter and Simba; Jessica McCarroll and Chester; Myra McCarroll and Cooper; Anna Colton and Cooper; Sienna Magee and Cooper; Lily Sayers and Annie; Elsa Lee and Bubbles; Jessica Wilson and Billy; Poppy Coulter and Rosie; Poppy Coaltar and Beauty; Olivia Coultar and Beauty; Annie Burleigh and Beauty; Ella-Jane Johnston and Archie; Faith Dilworth and Blossom; Faith Dilworth and Bubbles

50cm Class (Double Clears)

Jessica Wilson and Billy; Emily Garrity and Henry; Anna-Rose Garrity and Annie; Kayla Donnelly and Rosie; Lily McKelvey and Rosie; Sophie Johnston and Johnnie; Lily McCrea and Tonto; Olivia McCrea and Annie; Molly Keys and Hillbilly Boy; Shannon Smyth and Shelby; Annie Kelly and Ginger Snap; Cara Garrity and Grace

60cm Class (Double Clears)

Olivia McCrea and Annie; Sophie Johnston and Speedy; Cara Donnelly and Fonya; Nicola Sulkowska and Storm; Lily McCrea and Tonto; Jessica McGonigle and Louie; Molly Keys and Hillbilly Boy; Rebecca McLaughlin and Monzo

70cms (Double Clears)

Sophie Johnston and Speedy; Jessica McGonigle and Louie; Imogen Heap and Blaze; Sophie Armstrong and Lou Lou

80cms (Double Clears)

Cara Garrity and Tinkerbelle; Sophie Armstrong and Lou Lou; Cara Garrity and Goldilocks

90cms (Double Clears)

Cara Garrity and Tinkerbelle; Shauna Murray and Ritz

1m (No entries)

Competitors are reminded that the same combination rider/pony must have competed in the same class for three out of the four weeks prior to the final to be eligible for prizes on 8 October.

To pre-enter the show on 8 October please contact the Ecclesville Centre on 028 82840591.