Fane Valley stores to host more Farm Family Health check days

On the back of a very successful Farm Family Health Promotion Day held recently in the Fane Valley Store in Altnamackan, the Rural Health Partnership is pleased to confirm more Farm Family Health check days have been secured in the Fane Valley stores in Armagh and Banbridge.

On Friday 29th April the Farm Families Health Check Nurses and their mobile van will be at the Fane Valley store in Armagh, while on Friday, 20th May they will be at the Fane Valley Store in Banbridge, from 10am to 3.30pm each day.

The Farm Families Health Checks are a free and confidential one stop facility which check Blood Pressure, BMI, Cholesterol, Diabetic Risk Score and Mental Well Being.

The Rural Health Partnership is also pleased to announce that Cancer Focus NI will also be at the stores on both days, raising awareness on Skin Cancer and they will also provide advice and information on how to protect yourself from the sun and harmful UV rays, while working out on the farm.

The nurses with the mobile van

Customers will also be given a small goody bag with items to help protect you against harmful UV rays.

Speaking about the Health Check Days in Store Mr Thomas Barnett, Head of Retail at Fane Valley Stores commented: “We at Fane Valley stores are looking forward to having the Farm Families Health Check Vehicle and Cancer Focus NI at our stores in Armagh and Banbridge.

“We recognise the pressures that farming families are under right now, with global issues affecting farmers on a day to day basis. Health and well being of our customers is a paramount and we are very happy to have this service available locally.”

Majella Gollogly, Development Officer with the Rural Health Partnership, said: “We are delighted to be able to assist Fane Valley Stores with this initiative and encourage farmers and their families to avail of this free health check service at their local Fane Valley Store. It could be the best 15 minutes you will ever spend.”