Farm Conservation training from Lantra

As demand for food continues to increase, competition for land, water and energy intensifies.

Monday, 15th March 2021, 7:37 am

Farming has had to adapt to climate change, while reducing its own contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, and playing its part in enabling the adaptation of wildlife and society to changing climate conditions.

The production and environmental challenges facing farming are inextricably linked: the natural environment provides the resource base on which production is completely dependent and farming itself plays a major role in shaping the environment.

Farmers manage almost 80% of Northern Ireland’s land, and the farming community are very supportive of environmental protection.

Farmers are key contributors to shaping the environment, believing there must be a balance between efficient production and protecting the environment; but do people really understand how farming and conservation work hand in hand?

Lantra Awards offers a one-day training course that allows people to better understand the benefits of conservation, for farmers, wildlife and the landscape.

This course highlights aspects of farming that may potentially damage or pose a threat to the environment, the reason conservation is required, and identifies opportunities for the implementation of conservation on the farm.

The benefits of having a farm conservation plan in place and where to access financial help are also included in the course. This course provides an opportunity for Learners to gain an industry recognised certificate.

To find out more information, or details of Providers offering this course, visit, or contact the Northern Ireland office on [email protected] or 07867 908 171.