Farmline now stocking AHV product range

Kinallen-based Farmline Agricultural Supplies has confirmed that the business is now stocking a wide range of Animal Health Vision (AHV) products.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 22nd May 2022, 9:27 am

“We took the decision on the basis that an increasing number of our customers are looking at new ways of boosting the health levels of their animals,” confirmed Farmline’s Ann Strain.

“It’s very much a case of boosting animals’ immune systems so that ailments can be prevented from occurring in the first place.”

She added:“Farmers know that they have to reduce their reliance on antibiotics. Increasingly, they see the products and services on offer from AHV as part of this process moving forward.”

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Discussing the AHV range of products, now available from Farmline Agricultural Supplies at Kinallen in Co Down l to r: David McCord, AHV with Farmline's Ann Strain, Mark Peden and Garry Rodgers

Farmline has a growing customer base throughout mid and south Co. Down. Increasingly, the business is developing new business opportunities, courtesy of its presence on Facebook.

Farmline customers include milk producers, suckler herdowners and a range of dry-stock farmers.

The company will be stocking AHV products to cover a range of energy and metabolic issues, skin/claw and hygiene, Reco Paste for calves with digestive upsets and Aspi to improve the animals’ well-being.

Driving the new relationship between both companies will be the support of AHV’s extensive advisory team. This will be very much the approach taken when it comes to the use of the company’s Quick and Extra tablets.

AHV’s David McCord was a recent visitor to Farmline. He takes up the story:“All issues relating to udder health will be developed in the context of a farm visit undertaken by one of the AHV team.

“As a company, we have developed a number of new approaches when it comes to dealing with udder-health-related issues on dairy farms.

“And it is important that customers are trained on how these new techniques can best be implemented in the context of their own businesses.”

AHV has developed health solutions for both cows and calves, which are divided into the following programmes: udder health; energy and metabolism; managing the transition cow; uterine health/fertility;and skin/clawandhygiene, plus the provision of effective pain relief.

The company has been to the fore in helping to deliver a future for dairy and other livestock farmers that will improve the overall animal health and longevity.

AHV was established in Northern Ireland in 2018. Since then, the company has developed a bespoke team of advisors, who work closely with the company’s fast expanding client base of farmers.

“This is all about changing mindset and training farmers on AHV’s innovative concepts. We have brought new thinking and solutions so farmers have control over any health challenges that may arise in their herds on a daily basis,” David McCord concluded.