Fat bulls selling to £1500 at Lisahally Mart

Fantastic show and trade at Lisahally with bullocks selling to £1240/730kg.

Heifers selling to £1210/600kg, cows and calves selling to £1400, fat cows selling to £1306.40/710kg and fat bulls selling to £1500/700kg.


R McCrea £1240/730kg, J Proctor £1220/570kg, £1090/540kg, £990/530kg, £890/490kg, £800/470kg, £780/450kg, G Snodgrass £1210/570kg, £990/520kg, £970/540kg, R McCrea £1190/690kg, £1150/710kg, £1120/690kg, £1020/620kg, P O’Connor £1120/570kg, R Black £1000/530kg, £850/470kg, £800/410kg, £780/390kg, J Sayers £970/570kg, £960/590kg, £770/480kg, £670/420kg, I Clarke £910/530kg, £820/470kg, £720/440kg, J Gamble £850/510kg and D Wade £690/350kg, £650/280kg.


R McCrea £1210/600kg, H Sayers £1100/580kg, £1060/520kg, £940/450kg, J Proctor £1030/560kg, £890/550kg, £820/470kg, N Donaghy £990/420kg, £930/410kg, G Snodgrass £980/520kg, J Sayers £970/520kg, R Graeme £950/440kg, £940/400kg, £850/380kg, £820/440kg, P McShane £920/420kg, W McNeill £890/530kg, £870/500kg, £870/500kg, £860/500kg, £830/460kg, J Young £820/310kg, £810/460kg, £760/280kg, P Conway £800/410kg, J Sayers £790/420kg, R Maxwell £790/440kg, £740/440kg, £720/400kg and J Gamble £770/390kg, £760/380kg.

Cows and calves

J Dodds £1400, £1400.

Fat cows

W Lyons £1306.40/710kg, £1262.70/690kg, D Poston £1283.40/930kg, £1053/810kg, R Boyd £1132.50/750kg, J Young £924.60/690kg, £826/590kg, £689.70/570kg, R Black £910.80/660kg, W Donnell £884.80/560kg, M Stewart £884/680kg, S Cairns £864/640kg, T Patton £774.90/630kg and J Patrick £624/600kg.

Fat bulls

W Devine £1500/700kg, £1420/650kg, £1200/580kg, £1110/560kg, E Steele £1401.40/980kg and A Boyd £1400/690kg.