Fat cows selling to £1694.20 at Lisahally

An excellent show of cattle in Lisahally with store bullocks selling to £1430/720kg.

Thursday, 18th November 2021, 12:39 pm

Store heifers selling to £1180/540kg, fat cows selling to £1694.20/980kg and fat bulls selling to £980/810kg.

Store bullocks

D Fleming £1430/720kg, £1340/700kg, S Moore £1220/620kg, £1170/520kg, K Cunningham £1110/550kg, £1100/570kg, £1100/570kg, £1090/540kg, £1060/550kg, T Conway £930/450kg, £920/400kg, £910/430kg, £900/410kg, R Brolly £860/350kg, B Feeney £850/370kg, £770/300kg, £710/270kg, S Smith £840/440kg, £690/250kg, £690/260kg, £690/260kg, T Mullan £840/400kg, L Feeney £800/430kg, £720/260kg, £680/300kg., £660/300kg, £650/240kg, £640/290kg, £620/350kg, S Wylie £600/250kg and J O Doherty £390/270kg, £390/270kg.

Store heifers

J Young £1180/540kg, £1120/540kg, £1110/530kg, £1000/550kg, £990/510kg, H Leeke £1120/360kg, T Conway £1000/520kg, £880/410kg, K Cunningham £970/460kg, £960/490kg, £940/460kg, £870/440kg, £840/400kg, H Dixon £960/470kg, £910/440kg, £870/430kg, £850/410kg, £830/400kg, S Smith £930/490kg, C Cooke £910/580kg, S Moore £780/460kg, C O’Hara £770/350kg, £740/420kg, £690/370kg, £680/320kg, £600/270kg, £550/250kg, S Devine £650/420kg, £590/300kg, L Feeney £600/310kg and B Feeney £450/250kg.

Fat cows

J Corbett £1694.20/980kg, T McCracken £1402/850kg, £1201/770kg, £1135/800kg, £991.60/670kg, £978.20/670kg, R Brolly £1146/690kg, J Pollock £1099.80/700kg, £980/700kg, T Mullan £933.45/630kg, S Smyth £901.70/710kg, £713.70/580kg, K Cunningham £741.20/680kg and D McNeely £571.20/680kg.

Fat bulls

J McGuiness £980/810kg.