Fat ewes selling to £140 at Downpatrick

At the sheep sale on Saturday 11th September there was steady trade of good quality lambs.

Friday, 17th September 2021, 9:15 am

Spring lambs sold to £112.

Fat ewes to £140 and light weight lambs to £5.00ppk.

Spring lambs

Kilclief farmer 33kg £112.00 and 24kg £100.00 and23Kg £96.50, Tyrella farmer 28kg £111.00, Strangford farmer 30kg £110.00, Killough farmer 23kg £105.00, Drumnaquoile farmer 25kg £103.00, Ballyclander farmer 25kg £105.00, Ballydugan farmer 26kg £102.00, Crossgar farmer 27kg £101.00, Annacloy farmer 24kg £100.00 and 22kg £94.50, Teconnaught farmer 24kg £97.00, Crossgar farmer 24kg £97.00, Saintfield farmer 25kg £96.00, Ballynahinch farmer 23kg £95.50, Downpatrick farmer 23kg £95.50, and Lisburn farmer 22kg £94.50.

Fat ewes

Corbally farmer £140.00 and £114.00, Ballyclander farmer £140.00, £134.00 and £127.00, Crossgar farmer £135.00 and £123.00, Tyrella farmer £129.00, Downpatrick farmer £128.00, Drumnaquoile farmer £122.00, Ballykilbeg farmer £117.00 and £110.00, Killough farmer £113.00 and £107.00, Strangford farmer £112.00 and Saintfield farmer £109.00 and £100.

At the Monday night cattle sale on 13th September 2021, there was a good entry of quality cattle.

Bullocks peaked at £1650 for a 760kg Charolais from M Tumelty, with heifers at £1100 for a 496kg Charolais from M McAlea.

Light weight stores sold to £2.42ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:


Corbally farmer 760kg Charolais £1650 (2.17ppk) 760kg Charolais £1640 (2.15ppk) 728kg Charolais £1575 (2.16ppk), Leitrim farmer 772kg Hereford £1580 (2.05ppk), 708kg Hereford £1430 (2.02ppk) 718kg Hereford £1410 (1.96ppk), Ardglass farmer 536kg Charolais £1240 (2.31ppk) and 488kg Charolais £1180 (2.42ppk), Castlewellan farmer 546kg Limousin £1230 (2.25ppk), Farrenfad farmer 590kg Charolais £1230 (2.09ppk) and 630kg Charolais £1220 (1.94ppk) and 616kg Charolais £1165 (1.90ppk) and 534kg Charolais £1120 (2.10ppk) and 576kg Charolais £1100 (1.91ppk) and 580kg Charolais £1080 (1.86ppk), Edendarriff farmer 476kg Charolais £1075 (2.26ppk) and 488kg Charolais £970 (1.99ppk) and 480kg Charolais £965 (2.01ppk) and 470kg Charolais £935 (1.99ppk), Kilclief farmer 590kg Aberdeen Angus £1070 (1.81ppk) and 436kg Belgian Blue £870 (2.00ppk), Strangford farmer 544kg Aberdeen Angus £1040 (1.91ppk) and 526kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £980 (1.86ppk) and Crossgar farmer 480kg Stabiliser £900 (1.87ppk) and 468kg Belgian Blue £870 (1.86ppk) and 490kg Aberdeen Angus £845 (1.72ppk).


Ardglass farmer 496kg Charolais £1100 (2.22ppk) and 496kg Charolais £970 (1.96ppk) and 476kg Charolais £935 (1.96ppk) and 438kg Charolais £900 (2.06ppk), Crossgar farmer 518kg Charolais £1090 (2.10ppk) and 418kg Charolais £960 (2.30ppk) and 448kg Charolais £945 (2.11ppk) and 460kg Charolais £940 (2.02ppk) and 444kg Charolais £930 (2.09ppk) and 418kg Charolais £925 (2.21ppk), Edendarriff farmer 460kg Charolais £830 (1.80ppk) and Comber farmer 460kg Aberdeen Angus £750.