Fat ewes selling to £157 at Armoy

A larger show of 1,200 head on Wednesday night saw fat lambs improve in price, selling to a top price of £120.

By Darryl Armitage
Thursday, 4th August 2022, 12:14 pm

Store lambs were a great trade with a packed ring of customers eager for lambs. Breeding ewes sold to £146 and fat ewes sold to £157.

Leading prices

Fat lambs

Armoy Mart

S Hartin, Bushmills, 28kgs £120. M L Patton, Ballymoney, 26kgs £116. Francis Quinn, Cushendall, 24kgs £109. M McCurry, Cushendall, 26kgs £108.50. Wm Elliott, Ballycastle, 26kgs £108. A and D McAllister, Liscolman, 25kgs £108. F McCaughan, Bushmills, 24kgs £106. John McKinley, Ballycastle, 24kgs £105. F Mullan, Coleraine, 22kgs £105. A and D Glass, Ballycastle, 22kgs £105. Seamus Huey, Armoy, 22kgs £103. Aidan Hamilton, Ballycastle, 22kgs £102.50.

Store lambs

John Holmes, Armoy, 26 Texel, £94.00. Sean Kelly, Ballycastle, 15 Texel, £95.00, 15, £90.00. Sean Reid, Cloughmills, 23kgs Suffolk, £91.00. Ron Duncan, Ballycastle, 58, Suffolk, £89.50. C McVeigh, Ballyvoy, 17 Texel, £89.50. G and P Emerson, Cushendall, 41 Suffolk, £88.50. Patsy McAleese, Loughguile, 38 Texel, £87.00. M McHenry, Ballintoy, 41 Llyn, £83.00. A McGuckian, Dunloy, 24, Texel, £84.50. R Kirk, Bushmills, 21kgs Suffolk, £91.

Fat ewes

R Hartin, Ballymoney, Suffolk, £157. D Scott, Dunloy, Suffolk, £136. P McBride, Ballyvoy, Texel, £134. Adam Montgomery, Dervock, Texel, £130. G McCandless, Bushmills, Texel, £130. Wm McKinley, Armoy, Mules, £125. E Duncan, Ballyvoy, Texel, £123.

Breeding ewes sold to £157 for Texel cross hoggets.

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Auctioneers: Armoy Livestock Mart Ltd.