Fat ewes selling to £175 at Downpatrick Mart

At the sheep sale on Saturday 24th April there was steady trade of good quality lambs.

Friday, 30th April 2021, 9:04 am

Spring lambs sold to £126.00, hoggetts to £140, fat ewes to £175.00 and light weight lambs to £5.80ppk.

Spring lambs: Castlescreen farmer 24kg £126.00,Ballyhossett farmer 25kg £125.00, Ballygowan farmer 23kg £125.00, Ballykinlar farmer 22kg £124.00, Downpatrick farmer 23kg £124.00, Raholp farmer 22kg £124.00, Ballykilbeg farmer 22kg £123.00, Ardglass farmer 23kg £123.00, Ballylucas farmer 22kg £122.00, Saintfield farmer 22kg £122.00, Ballymartin farmer 21kg £121.00, Glassdrumman farmer 21kg £121.00, Downpatrick farmer 21g £120.00 and Saintfield farmer 20kg £116.

Fat hoggets: Ballylig farmer 43kg £140.00, Corbally farmer 34kg £135.00 and 28kg £125.00, Saintfield farmer 29kg £135.00, Crossgar farmer 28kg £122.00, Ballygowan farmer 31kg £130.00, Raholp farmer 31kg £120.00, Killinchy farmer 25kg £118.00, Downpatrick farmer 23kg £117.00, Killinchy farmer 34kg £115.00, Annalong farmer 25kg £115.00 and Vianstown farmer 33kg £115.

Fat ewes: Corbally farmer £175.00 and £148.00 and £120.00, Drumaness farmer £159.00 and £142.00 and £123.00, Vianstown farmer £139.00, Ballycruttle farmer £138.00 and £118.00 Bonecastle farmer £133.00, Ballylig farmer £129.00, Ballykinlar farmer £122.00, Crossgar farmer £119.00 and Ballyglander farmer £111.

At the Monday night cattle sale on 26th April 2021, there was a good entry of quality cattle. Bullocks peaked at £1300 for a 680kg Aberdeen Angus from M Connor with heifers at £1390 for a 650kg Limousin from H Keenan.

Light weight stores sold to £2.53ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

Bullocks: Ardglass farmer 680kg Aberdeen Angus £1300 (1.92ppk) and 634kg Aberdeen Angus £1250 (1.97ppk) and 562kg Aberdeen Angus £1050 (1.90ppk), Seaforde farmer 596kg Limousin £1050 (1.93ppk) and 536kg Limousin £1070 (2.00ppk), Drumaness farmer 492kg Limousin £1100 (2.24ppk) and 462kg Limousin £1090 (2.36ppk) 462kg Limousin £990 (2.14ppk) 434kg Charolais £960 (2.21ppk), Legamaddy farmer 528kg Limousin £1090 (2.06ppk) 512kg Simmental £1080 (2.11ppk) 444kg Limousin £990 (2.23ppk), Erenagh farmer 496kg Limousin £1040 (2.10ppk) 458kg Charolais £1000 (2.18ppk) 426 KH Charolais £990 (2.32ppk) 436Kg Charolais £990 (2.27ppk), 422Kg Charolais £980 (2.23ppk) 406kg Aberdeen Angus £940 (2.32ppk), Blackstaff farmer 480kg Montbeliarde £800 (1.70ppk), Derryboye farmer 296kg Limousin £730 (2.47ppk) 242kg Limousin £580 (2.40ppk) and Hillsborough farmer 270kg Belgian Blue £640 (2.35ppk) 238kg Belgian Blue £580 (2.44ppk) 178kg Belgian Blue £450 (2.53ppk).

Heifers: Clough farmer 650kg Limousin £1390 (2.13ppk) 612kg Charolais £1280 (2.10ppk) 610kg Limousin £1260 (2.07ppk) 588kg Limousin £1250 (2.13ppk) 586kg Limousin £1220 (2.08ppk) 560kg Limousin £1190 (2.12ppk) 574kg Limousin £1150 (2.00ppk), Ardglass farmer 700kg Aberdeen Angus £1360 (1.94ppk) 638kg Aberdeen Angus £1180 (1.85ppk) 570kg Aberdeen Angus £1060 (1.86ppk), Darraghcross farmer 534g Limousin £1130 (2.12ppk), Drumaness farmer 392kg Limousin £950 (2.42ppk) 388kg Limousin £870 (2.24ppk), Newcastle farmer 388kg Aberdeen Angus £880 (2.27ppk) 420kg Aberdeen Angus £865 (2.06ppk) 360kg Aberdeen Angus £680 (1.90ppk) 266kg Aberdeen Angus £640 (2.41ppk), Hillsborough farmer 206kg Belgian Blue £450 (2.18ppk), and Drumaness  farmer 380kg Belgian Blue £720 (1.90ppk).