Fat ewes selling to £175 at Gortin

Fat lambs selling to £130/33kg.

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 3:17 pm

Fat ewes selling to £175 and rams selling to £144 on Monday.

An excellent entry of stock sold to a top trade.

Fat lambs

A Irwin £130/33kg, J Ewing £127/29kg, J Campbell £126/27kg, £125.50/28kg, A Fleming £126/25kg, R McTeague £126/28kg, R Stark £125/26kg, £124.50/25kg, A Ballantine £124/24kg, K Harvey £124/28kg, J Keenan £124/26kg, K Jobb £123/25kg, T Dobson £122/25kg, C Mullin £121/24kg, A Hamilton £120.50/23kg, £115/22kg, W McLaughlin £120/25kg, Gorthill Farm £120/25kg, L Pollock £120/24kg, C McAweaney £120/23kg, E O’Hagan £120/23kg, A Ballantine £119.50/26kg, C McCullagh £118.50/23kg, M Corrigan £118/24kg, P McKeown £117/23kg, £117/23kg, J Colhoun £116.50/23kg, L Pollock £116.50/23kg, £116/23kg, B Lynch £115/22kg and A Baxter £114.50/22kg.

Fat ewes

S Daly £175, M Kane £149, £117, £102, J O’Neill £144, £127, R Hemphill £122, J O’Neill £122, W Patterson £122, G Gibson £100, £94, D Ferry £93, D Gallen £91, £62, S McCulla £90, £89.50, D Robinson £87, D McLaren £85.50, £51, R McTeague £76, £49, S McCulla £76, M Corrigan £74, S Daly £74, D Calvert £73 and D McLaren £50.


R Daly £144, R Walker £142, M McCormack £118, £112 and G Gibson £90.