Fat lambs selling to £107 at Dungannon

A good entry of sheep saw fat lambs sell to £107 for 30kg presented by C Richardson.

Prices as follows: K B Burrows £107 30kg, £95.50 22.5kg, £97 22kg; N Patterson £105 24.5kg; R Boyd £98 23.5kg; N Moore £96 22kg, £93 21kg; S Goodwin £91 20kg and R Boyd £91 20kg.

Fat ewes sold to £80 presented by D Morrison and S Goodwin £77.

Fat rams sold to £90 presented by A McAleer.


Sore Lambs peaked at £88 19kg presented by M Cardwell and D Wilson £87.50 19.5kg.

Others sold from £60 to £86.

Breeding hoggets peaked at £127 presented by M Paisley.