Fat lambs selling to £130 and fat ewes to £126 at Gortin

A firm trade in Gortin this week with fat lambs making £130 and fat ewes £126.


J Hutchinson £130/33kg D Rafferty £130/33kg £116/28kg K Wensley £124.50/26kg D Fleming £124/25kg J Millar £124/26kg £118.50/23.5kg P McCallan £123.50/24kg B McKenna £119/24kg A O'Hagan £117/23kg A Doyle £117/24kg C McLaughlin £116/23.5kg A Hamilton £116/23.5kg F McDonald £112/22.5kg £103/21kg L Milligan £110/23.5kg A Caldwell £110/22.5kg King Farms £109.50/22.5kg S Cuddy £109.50/22kg £109/22kg J Millar £106/21kg A Fleming £103.50/22.5kg £100.50/20kg JJ Kelly £103.50/22.5kg A Speer £101.50/20kg A Doyle £100/21kg and P McCallan £99/19.5kg.


Livestock Markets

C Coulter £126 £110 W Sproule £124 F McDonald £122 £119 H McNally £118 £115 £109 A Caldwell £110 M Logue £108 £102 £99 S McCarron £107 £105 B McBride £101 £99 JJ Kelly £91 and G Gibson £91.