Fat lambs selling to £140 and store lambs topping at £111 at Gortin

A large entry of sheep this week in Gortin with prices on the rise with fat lambs making £140 and store lambs topping £111.

Fat lambs

S McCrory £140/30kg R and S Haire £138/32kg R Baxter £132/29kg K McMullin £130/29kg W McElmurry £128/30kg W Martin £128/26.5kg B McGlinchey £127/23.5kg B Ward £127/27.5kg S Conway £126/24.5kg M Devlin £126/25.5kg D Rafferty £126/24.5kg £124/24kg S Kelly £126/26kg D Martin £126/25.5kg £123/25kg D McSwiggan £125/26kg B Douglas £125/24.5kg K McNamee £125/23.5kg W Gilmore £124/24kg W McLaughlin £123/25kg T Woods £123/23kg C McAweaney £123/23.5kg T Lucas £123/23.5kg B McNamee £121/22.5kg Kin Farms £120/22kg M McGlade £120/24kg and R Lucas £120/24kg.

Store lambs

Livestock Markets
Livestock Markets
Livestock Markets

R Lucas £111/21kg K McNamee £111/21kg G McSwiggan £109/19.5kg £108/19.5kg £105/19kg A and S McGinn £106/19kg S Porter £106/20kg £104/19kg G Hamilton £99/20kg T Woods £98/19kg S McCrory £98/18.5kg £96/18kg K Acheson £98/19kg and J Hassard £97/19kg.


D Hempton £216 R Scott £192 A McFarland £182 £166 £130 R Walker £160 K McCammond £159 £157 £148 £145 A Sproule £156 G McSwiggan £150 B Pinkerton £152 A Donald £150 R Scott £144 K McNamee £140 B McNamee £140 J Elliott £140 £134 £132 S Rankin £136 W McElmurry £132 A Donald £128 £124 T Woods £126 D Hempton £124 K Quinn £122 £114 S Porter £120 M Scott £120 £116 and D Martin £118.