Firm demand for cattle at Markethill

An entry of 430 cattle at Markethill on Saturday 16th July continued to sell in a very firm demand for all classes.

The 90 heifers, including several pens of top quality forward and beef heifers. Beef heifers sold to a top of £268 per 100 kilos for 630 kilos at £1695 for a Cookstown farmer and for 730 kilos at £1955 from a Newtownhamilton producer. A Drumquin farmer received £267 for 630 kilos at £1695.

Main demand for good quality beef heifers from £240 to £256 per 100 kilos. Forward feeding heifers sold to £274 per 100k for 570k at £1565 from a Poyntzpass farmer followed by £271 for 600kilos at £1635 from a Newtownhamilton farmer. All good quality forward heifers from £220 to £260 per 100 kilos. Good quality middleweight heifers sold from £220 to £248 per 100k with a top of £316 for 458k at £1445 from a Newry farmer.

The 120 Bullocks sold in a steady demand with heavy bullocks selling to £254 per 100k for 830k at £2125 from a Tandragee farmer. Forward feeding bullocks sold from £220 to £248 for 520k at £1295 from a Whitecross farmer followed by £241 for 560k at £1365 from a Tandragee farmer. An Angus bullock sold to £236 for 570k at £1345 from a Tandragee producer.

Middleweight bullocks sold to a top of £254 per 100k for 490k at £1255 from a Tandragee farmer followed by £249 for a 430k Angus at £1075 from a Cullyhanna farmer. All good quality middleweights from £220 to £240 per 100k.

The 170 weanlings sold in an exceptionally strong demand with good quality heifer weanlings from £240 to £297 for 286k at £850 for a Cullyhanna farmer followed by £296 for 314k at £930 from a Dungannon farmer. Light male weanlings sold from £230 to £271 per 100k for 328k at £890 from a Hilltown producer followed by £269 per 100k for 320k at £860 from a Six Mile Cross producer.

Strong male weanlings sold at £241 per 100k for 468k at £1130 from a Moira producer.

The 65 Sucklers continued to sell at firm prices with a top price of £2110 for a Sim Cow & Heifer calf from a Rosslea farmer. A Loughgall farmer sold a Char Cow & Bull calf at £1960 and a Lim Cow & Heifer calf at £1880. A Milford producer sold a Stableizer Cow & Char Heifer at £1860 and an Armagh farmer sold a Hereford Cow & Heifer calf at £1920.


Newry producer 458k £1445 316p/k; Castlewellan producer 426k £1055 248p/k; Banbridge producer 498k £1135 228p/k; Poyntzpass producer 482k £1075 223p/k; Poyntzpass producer 496k £1095 221p/k; Armagh producer 494k £1085 219p/k; Warrenpoint producer 456k £995



Poyntzpass producer 572k £1565 274p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 604k £1635 271p/k; Drumquin producer 570k £1495 262p/k; Armagh producer 572k £1475 258p/k; Armagh producer 592k £1525 258p/k; Armagh producer 582k £1485 255p/k; Cookstown producer 532k £1335

250p/k; Banbridge producer 532k £1315 247p/k


Cookstown producer 632k £1695 268p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 730k £1955 268p/k; Drumquin producer 634k £1695 267p/k; Dungannon producer 658k £1685 256p/k; Crossmaglen producer 658k £1675 254p/k; Tandragee producer 690k £1755 254p/k; Whitecross producer

652k £1625 249p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 706k £1745 247p/k


Tandragee producer 494k £1255 254p/k; Cullyhanna producer 432k £1075 249p/k; Tandragee producer 490k £1195 244p/k; Tandragee producer 498k £1195 240p/k; Keady producer 498k £1165 233p/k; Tandragee producer 474k £1105 233p/k; Tandragee producer 450k £1005 223p/k


Tandragee producer 838k £2125; Whitecross producer 522k £1295 248p/k; Tandragee producer 566k £1365 241p; Tandragee producer 570k £1345 236p; Keady producer 530k £1245 235p/k; Tandragee producer 526k £1235 235p/k; Mountnorris producer 612k £1435 235p/k; Keady producer 604k £1415 234p/k; Mountnorris producer 622 £1455 234p/k; Keady producer 504k £1165 231p/k


Hilltown producer 328k £890 271p/k; Six Mile Cross producer 320k £860 269p/k; Hilltown producer 356k £940 264p/k, 342k £880 257p/k; Hillsborough producer 306k £770 251p/k; Armagh producer 396k £990 250p/k; Hillsborough producer 302k £750 248p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 392p £970 247p/k; Mayobridge producer 320k £780 243p/k


Moira producer 468k £1130 241p/k; Moira producer 426k £1010 237p/k; Dungannon producer 406k £940 231p/k; Mayobridge producer 422k £970 229p/k; Mayobridge producer 440k £1010 229p/k; Sixmilecross producer 424k £910 214p/k.


Cullyhanna producer 286k £850 297p/k; Dungannon producer 314k £930 296p/k; Armagh producer 298k £810 272p/k; Newry producer 366k £970 265p/k; Armagh producer 342k £900 263p/k; Armagh producer 298k £780 262p/k; Dungannon producer 310k £810 261p/k; Hillsborough producer 284k £740 261p/k