Firmer trade for fat lambs at Markethill

An entry of 1350 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday, 7th July returned a noticeably firmer trade for fat lambs which sold at an increase of eight to ten pounds per head on the week. Cull ewe trade remained steady.

Thursday, 8th July 2021, 10:27 am

The 960 lambs sold in an excellent demand with good quality middleweights selling from 490p to 520p per kilo for 20k at £104 each from a Newtownhamilton farmer followed by 513p per kilo for 22.4k at £115 each from a Newry farmer.

Heavy lambs sold steadily from £116 to £119.50 each and the entire entry averaged 25k at £117 each 468p per kilo. Top rate for heavies 480p per kilo for 24.7k at £118.50 and for 24.4k at £117 each.

A large entry of stores sold in an excellent demand. Light stores sold to 537p per kilo for 13.6k at £73 each followed by 525p per kilo for 13.9k at £73 each. Stronger stores sold to 500p per kilo for 19k at £95 each followed by 497p for 19.5k at £97 each.

A large entry of 400 cull ewes remained a very firm trade. First quality ewes sold from £110 to £159 each. Poorer quality ewes from £80 to £100 each.

Sheep sale as normal on Wednesday, 14th July at 7 pm.

HEAVY LAMBS: Glenanne farmer 24.7k £118.50 480p. Keady seller 24k £117 479p. Armagh producer 24k £115 479p. Newtownhamilton farmer 24k £115 479p. Poyntzpass producer 25k £119 476p. Whitecross seller 24k £114 475p. Kilkeel producer 24.3k £115 473p. Moira farmer 25k £118 472p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Newtownhamilton farmer 20k £104 520p. Newry producer 22.4k £115 513p. Armagh seller 20.5k £105 512p. Keady farmer 20.4k £104 510p. Gilford seller 21.7k £110 507p. Newtownhamilton farmer 20.4k £103 505p. Poyntzpass farmer 20.4k £103 505p. Rathfriland producer 20.9k £105 502p. Armagh farmer 20.9k £105 502p. Ballinderrry producer 21.3k £107 502p.

LIGHT STORE LAMBS: Mullabawm farmer 13.6k £73 537p. Mayobridge seller 13.9k £73 525p. Newtownhamilton farmer 16.1k £84 522p. Ballinderry producer 15.5k £80 516p. Whitecross farmer 15.8k £81.50 516p. Cullyhanna farmer 15.4k £79 513p, Warrenpoint seller 16.5k £83.50 506p. Newtownhamilton farmer 18.8k £95 505p.