Have you received this email about your spend local voucher?

An email from the Department for the Economy sent to applicants to the £100 Northern Ireland Spend Local scheme is not a hoax, it has been confirmed.

Thursday, 21st October 2021, 9:25 am
Spend Local voucher.
Spend Local voucher.

The email asks for documentary evidence to be uploaded and is sent from ‘[email protected]’ with the subject, ‘failed application’.

It reads: “Thank you for applying to the High Street Scheme.

“However, it has not been possible to verify your identity (or the person that you have applied on behalf of) through automated checks of the data you provided against a range of Government databases.”

It goes on to say: “You will need to upload 1 piece of evidence to prove you are resident in Northern Ireland, and upload 1 piece of evidence to prove your date of birth.”

A number of MLAs and local councillors have assured recipients of the email that it is, in fact, genuine.