Heifers selling to a top price of £1,670 and fat cows to £1,630 at Swatragh

Weekly cattle sale: A good show of 50 quality cattle were presented at Swatragh Livestock Mart on Monday 19th December which resulted in an outstanding trade for all stock on offer.

Bullocks sold to a top price of £1,190 at £2.39 per kg for a 498kg Charolais and to a top of £2.92 per kilo for a 240kg Limousin at £700.

Heifers sold to a top price of £1,670 at £2.77 per kg for a 602kg Limousin and to a top of £2.78 per kilo for a 190kg Limousin at £530.

Fat cows were also an outstanding trade topping at £2.30 per kilo for a Limousin 709kg at £1,630.

Swatragh MartSwatragh Mart
Swatragh Mart

A lot more stock required to meet demand with a large number of buyers attending both at ringside and online.

Sample prices

Bullocks: Moneymore producer; Charolais, 498kg at £1,190 = 2.39p and Swatragh producer; Limousin, 240kg at £700 = 2.92p; Simmental, 336kg at £920 = 2.74p; Simmental, 360kg at £1,010 = 2.81p; Limousin, 272kg at £770 = 2.83p.

Heifers: Swatragh producer; Limousin, 602kg at £1,670 = 2.77p; Limousin, 558kg at £1,310 = 2.35p and Cookstown producer; Limousin, 190kg at £530 = 2.78p; Limousin, 218kg at £580 = 2.66p.

Weekly sheep sale

Lambs to £134 and fat ewes to £244.

A strong show of 1,150 sheep were presented for sale at Swatragh Livestock Mart on Saturday 17th December, 279 cull ewes were offered for sale and were a solid trade topping at £244.00.

851 lambs were presented for sale, which was also met with a solid trade, lambs topped at £134.00 for heavy sorts.

Sample prices

Heavy-weight: Aghadowey producer; 30kg at £134.00 = 4.47p; Swatragh producer; 25kg at £121.50 = 4.86p; Bellaghy producer; 26.5kg at £121.50 = 4.58p; Draperstown producer; 25.5kg at £121.50 = 4.76p; Aghadowey producer; 26.5kg at £120.00 = 4.53p; Magherafelt producer; 25kg at £119.00 = 4.76p; Maghera producer; 26kg at £119.00 = 4.58p; Kilrea producer; 26kg at £119.00 = 4.58p; Ballymena producer; 24.75kg at £117.00 = 4.73p; Maghera producer; 24.75kg at £116.00 = 4.69p; Maghera producer; 24.25kg at £115.00 = 4.74p; Limavady producer; 25.8kg at £115.00 = 4.46p; Maghera producer; 26kg at £114.00 = 4.38p and Coleraine producer; 24.5kg at £114.00 = 4.65p.

Middle-weight lambs: Rasharkin producer; 23.8kg at £119.00 = 5.00p; Dungannon producer; 23.2kg at £118.50 =5.11; Ballycastle producer; 22.5kg at £114.50 =5.09p; Dungannon producer; 22kg at £114.50 = 5.20p; Cookstown producer; 23kg at £114.00 = 4.96p; Coleraine producer; 23kg at £113.00 =4.91; Maghera producer; 23.8kg at £112.50 =4.73; Coleraine producer; 22.5kg at £111.00 = 4.93p; Toomebridge producer; 22.4kg at £110.00 = 4.91p; Limavady producer; 23.5kg at £109.50 =4.66p; Limavady producer; 23.8kg at £109.50 =4.60p; Swatragh producer; 20.9kg at £106.00 = 5.07; Swatragh producer; 22.5kg at £106.50 =4.73; Swatragh producer; 22kg at £106.50 = 4.84p; Swatragh producer; 22kg at £105.50 = 4.80p; Garvagh producer; 22.5kg at £102.00 =4.53p; Maghera producer; 21.4kg at £102.00 =4.77p; Maghera producer; 21.5kg at £102.00 = 4.74 and Kilrea producer; 22kg at £100.00 =4.55.

Light-weight: Moneymore producer; 17.75kg at £83.50 =4.-70p; Limavady producer; 17.75kg at £82.50 =4.65p; Maghera producer; 17.25kg at £82.00 =4.75p; Garvagh producer; 17kg at £79.00 =4.65p and Cookstown producer;15.5kg at £78.50 =5.06p.

Fat ewes: Tobermore producer; £244; Claudy producer; £216 and Claudy producer; £208.

Cattle sale every Monday at 11.30am.

Sheep sale every Saturday at 10.30am.

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