Heifers selling to £1300 at Dungannon Mart

A strong trade for all classes of stock saw heifers sell to 234p for a 555kg Charolais £1300.

Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 3:58 pm

Steers topped at £1040 for a 490kg Aberdeen Angus (212.00).

Fat cows sold to £690 for a 485kg Hereford (142.00).

Dropped calves cleared to £420 for an Aberdeen Angus heifer while bull calves peaked at £350 Limousin.

Suckled cows and calves sold to £1300 for a Hereford heifer with a Limousin heifer calf at foot.

Weanling sold to £655 for a 380kg Shorthorn beef steer (174.00).

Heifers topped at £665 for a 240kg Limousin (277.00).


Steer prices remain steady to peak at £1040 for a 490kg Aberdeen Angus (212.00) presented by E and J Reid, £800 450kg Aberdeen Angus (175.00); H Brownlee £970 460kg Hereford (211.00) and N Gilmour £800 490kg Friesian (163.00).


Heifers sold to a height of £1300 for a 555kg Charolais (234.00) presented by D Kelso; J Casey £1300 645kg Simmental (202.00), £129 560kg Limousin (230.00), £1260 575kg Limousin (219.00), £1240 575kg Aberdeen Angus (216.00); P Lennon £1000 475kg Limousin (211.00); J Gormley £980 440kg Charolais (223.00), £950 440kg Charolais (216.00) and W Johnston £980 475kg Charolais (206.00), £980 490kg Limousin (200.00).

Fat cows sold to £690 485kg Hereford (142.00) presented by R Marshall and I Young £655 540kg Hereford (121.00).

Dropped calves

Once again a good entry of calves saw bull calves sell to £350 Limousin presented by S Montgomery, £280 Simmental; D Robinson £350 Belgian Blue; S Carroll £315 Aberdeen Angus; S Anderson £290 Limousin , £260 Limousin; M Speers £280 Simmental, £230 Simmental ; R Crawford £275 Aberdeen Angus; D Matthews £270 Charolais; T Garland £260 Aberdeen Angus, £235 Aberdeen Angus, £225 Aberdeen Angus; R Gervis £245 Limousin and A Watson £230 Hereford.

Friesian calves sold from £70 to £210 for stronger sorts.

Meanwhile heifer calves cleared to £420 for Aberdeen Angus presented by R Totten; T J Hamilton £360 Shorthorn beef heifer; B Barker £330 Belgian Blue heifer; R Burns £315 x 2 Belgian Blue heifers; S Montgomery £300 Hereford heifer; R Crawford £280 Belgian Blue heifer; E Fox £255 Charolais heifer; S Glasgow £250 x 2 Limousin heifers; G Hazlett £245 Hereford heifer and Sanderson £240 Limousin heifer.

Suckled cows and calves sold to £1300 on two occasions the first one to sell for £1300 was for a Hereford heifer with a very smart Limousin heifer calf at foot presented by K Fox; the second one to make £1300 was paid for a Simmental second Calver with a Limousin heifer at foot presented by D Robinson and J J Donnelly £1100 for a Charolais heifer with a Charolais Calf at foot.


A similar entry of weanlings saw steers sell to £655 for a 380kg Shorthorn beef (175.00) presented by D Montgomery; A McKeown £530 x 3 Aberdeen Angus (255.00), £490 x 3 200kg Aberdeen Angus (245.00), £460 185kg Aberdeen Angus (250.00) and J Lennon £520 x 2 Aberdeen Angus (248.00).

Meanwhile weanling heifers sold to £665 240kg Limousin (277.00) presented by D Montgomery, £640 x 2 245kg Limousins (260.00) and a Dungannon producer £530 225kg Aberdeen Angus (235.00).