Heifers selling to £3200 at Lisahally Christmas fat stock sale

Record prices on Wednesday with an excellent display of quality cattle for the Christmas fat stock sale.

Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 3:46 pm

Heifers sold £3200/400kg, bullocks £1750/740kg, store bulls selling to £1450/590kg, heifers selling to £3200/440kg suckler cows and calves selling to £1480, fat cows selling to £1060/680kg and fat bulls selling to £1584/1100kg.


J Sayers £1750/740kg, £1630/670kg, £1630/670kg, £1590/630kg, £1490/610kg, £1480/650kg, Derek and Jennifer Glenn £1720/660kg, £1620/650kg,W Lynch £1440/640kg,W Moore £1410/580kg, £1390/580kg, £1200/540kg, £1190/510kg, £1170/510kg, £1160/510kg, £1130/500kg, £1120/510kg, £1110/520kg, £1100/520kg, £1080/490kg, W Barclay £1340/650kg, £1220/540kg, £1000/470kg, M Healy £1320/480kgM Healy £1320/480kg, A McGuiness £1200/360kgW Evans £1090/560kg, £1070/540kg, R Conlon £1060/390kg, £980/460kg, R Conlon £1060/390kg, £980/460kg and R Boyd £920/380kg, £900/370kg.

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Store bulls

J Sayers £1450/590kg, J Leitch £600/370kg and C O’Hara £300/210kg.


Robert Miller £3200/440kg, M O’Neill £2400/720kg, £2200/610kg, £2100/610kg, £1900/580kg, £1840/740kg, £1800/710kg, £1800/720kg, R McCormack £1680/650kg, G McCormick £1640/630kg, M Healy £1640/650kg, £1440/560kg, £1380/550kg, A McCrea £1620/660kg and R Miller £1540/440kg, £1380/550kg, J Young £1240/530kg, £1210/500kg, P Donaghey £1210/670kg, £1200/660kg, £1090/620kg, £1020/550kg, R Hylands £1140/520kg, £1010/560kg, £900/490kg, J Connell £1020/500kg, £920/520kg, £910/480kg, W Christy £970/540kg and C O’Hara £940/450kg.

Suckler cows and calves

S Britton £1480, £1080, J McGuiness £1320, £1070, £970, J Dodds £1050, £900, £900, £900, £820, £810, £790 and W Kerlin £900.

Fat cows

T McCracken £1060/680kg, £961/620kg, £931.50/690kg, £888/740kg, £765.60/660kg, R Boyd £998.40/640kg, £768.80/620kg, £762/600kg, J Thompson £966/700kg, £793.60/620kg, £762.30/630kg, J Ramsey £888/740kg and A McGuiness £510.40/580kg.

Fat bulls 

B Anderson £1584/1100kg, E Lagan £857.50/490kg and A Irwin £616/560kg.