Here are some of the questions answered by HMRC during red diesel webinar for farmers

HMRC provided a general overview of the changes to the use of red diesel during a webinar held this week.

The event was hosted by the Ulster Farmers’ Union on Tuesday afternoon, with officials from HMRC invited to explain how the changes will affect farmers and agricultural contractors.

During the meeting, there was also an opportunity to ask questions.

TUV Mourne councillor and assembly candidate, Harold McKee, said there were “wide ranging questions from the farmers” who took part in the event.

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Mr McKee, who is from a farming background himself, provided an overview of just some of the answers given by HMRC officials:

Q. How can a farmer do dual jobs with a tractor by using two different fuels?

A. In the case of more than one tractor, you could assign different tractors to allowed rebated fuel jobs and others to non-allowed jobs.

If it is practical, you can either: use white diesel for the whole day, or arrange your week so the farmer is not switching uses during a day.

The other alternative is to drain and flush out your diesel tank to remove traces of rebated fuels.

Q. Can a farmer haul stone from a quarry to the farm on red diesel?

A. Yes, the farmer can use red diesel, provided the stones are for use on the farm, e.g. for drainage purposes.

Q. If a farmer is digging out a slurry tank, is he allowed to dump his clay in another field by using the main road to go to the other site by using red diesel?

A. Yes, as it was connected to his farming enterprise.

Q. Is red diesel allowed in the tank, if the farmer hires a digger to assist him in putting up new fencing?

A. Provided the hired digger is for use on the farm to secure fencing for livestock, the digger can have red diesel as fuel for its engine.

Q. Is red diesel allowed in the tractor to take livestock to the factory/mart?

A. Yes, this is seen as ‘for agricultural purposes’.

Q. Can I haul silage by road to my anaerobic digester?

A. Yes, this is seen as an extension to agriculture purposes.

Q. If a farmer is building a new shed and he needs a contractor to erect the steel, can he use rebated fuel?

A. No, as he is an outside contractor hired in to do this work, he would not be entitled to use rebated fuel.

Q. If a farmer gets a call from the local supermarket asking him to tow their stuck supply vehicle out of the snow, can he use red diesel?

A. No, as this is not for the purpose of agriculture.