Horse jumpers brave bad weather at Hagan's Croft

Saturday 29th October saw an extremely wet day when all the true working hunters came out to brave the elements.

A total of 21 horses and 12 ponies jumped the course of ten rustic fences which compromised of a rustic Thomas the Tank Engine train, a stone cart, barrels, rustic gates and brush fences.

There was plenty to look at and very educational for all horses, ponies and riders involved.

Classes started with the 60cm hunter and 4 year old class and finished with the 90cm hunter and NIF qualifier class.

Anthea Steele, Dixie

The day belonged to Megan Norton and 'BT Rock and Roller' who placed first in the 80cm horse class and second in the 90cm Horse class with two super clear rounds in their jumping phases and a consistent show phase.

The pair went into the championship show and really had the opportunity to show off their walk, trot and canter transitions in front of judge Julie Donaghy Simpson, with their gallop winning them the accolade of horse champion on the day.

Reserve champion was awarded to Anthea Steele and her lovely mare Dixie.

The pair placed second in the 80cm horse class and forth in the 85cm small hunter class.

Megan Norton, BT Rock and Roller

The pair went into the championship and really impressed the judge with consistency through their transitions and manners and performance throughout. A great day at the office.

After the lunch break it was back out into the rain for the ponies.

For the second week in a row it was a champion day for Jocelyn and 'Minion', this formidable pair finished on a top score of 96/100 in the 60cm class which set them up for the championship class at the end of the day.

Admittedly judge Julie Donaghy Simpson had a tough championship to judge but Jocelyn and Minion's consistency throughout and seamless transitions, finished off with a fantastic gallop down the long side stole the championship.

Reserve champion pony, Harry, champion pony Jocelyn Hutchinson, Minion

This was the second week in a row Jocelyn and Minion have achieved this accolade.

Reserve champion pony went to Heather Steele and Harry who was placed second in the 60cm class and went into the championship with a foot perfect performance. Well done to both competitors.

Hagans Croft would like to thank everyone who supported the third week of their four week working hunter league and NIF qualifiers.

Thanks are extended to judge Julie Donaghy Simpson, scribe Katie and all the stewards and arena party for making the event run so smoothly.

This event is pre-entry only with entries taken via Hagans Crofts or you can download and enter through the Hagans Croft App.

Entries close each Thursday at 8pm prior to Saturday's event and start times are posted online Thursday evenings. Photographs can be purchased online from Black Horse Photography.

To find out more about the league, please contact Gillian on 07849 106453 or go to the Hunter League and NIF qualifiers - Saturday 29th October 2022

Working Hunter Horses

Champion horse: Megan Norton, BT Rock and Roller

Reserve champion Horse: Anthea Steele, Dixie

Class 1 - 60cm Working Hunter Horse and 4 year old Working Hunter Horse NIF

1) Shannon Baird, Oliver Twist

Class 2 - 70cm Working Hunter Horse

1) Karina McVeigh, Coco; 2) Hannah Danks, Benvarden Clouseau; 3) Shannon Baird, Oliver Twist; 4) Ebony Ritchie, Assagart Eternal

Class 3 - 80cm Working Hunter Horse NIF

1) Megan Norton, BT Rock and Roller; 2) Anthea Steele, Dixie; 3) Karina McVeigh, Coco; 4) Leanne Sullivan, Ted; 5) Ebony Ritchie, Assagart Eternal; 6) Lucy Stewart, Lenny.

Class 4 - 85cm Small Working Hunter Horse (not exceeding 158cm) NIF

1) Aimee McKeown, Russel; 2) Stephanie Farren, Crystal; 3) Darcy Feeney, Simply Bear; 4) Anthea Steele, Dixie

Class 5 - 90cm Working Hunter Horse NIF

1) Aimee McKeown, Russel; 2) Megan Norton, BT Rock and Roller; 3) Leanne Sullivan, Ted; 4) Lucy Stewart, Lenny; 5) Stephanie Farren, Crystal; 6) Deirdre Vallely, Flagstaff Dream.

Working hunter ponies

Champion pony: Jocelyn Hutchinson, Minion

Reserve champion pony: Heather Steele, Harry

Class 8 - 60cm Working Hunter Pony NIF Starter Stakes and M and M

1) Jocelyn Hutchinson, Minion; 2) Heather Steele, Harry; 3) Jocelyn Hutchinson, Ashfield Dreamcatcher; 4) Holly Webber, Bluebell; 5) Daniel Kennedy, Drumnaconagher Benny.

Class 9 - 70cm Working Hunter Pony NIF Starter Stakes and M and M

1) Erin Mathieson, Dinky; 2) Eva Kennedy, Casey; 3) Jocelyn Hutchinson, Ashfield Dreamcatcher; 4) Anthea Steele, Drake; 5) Kerry McGrady, Fonzie.

Class 10 - 80cm Working Hunter Pony NIF 133cm also M and M

1) Anthea Steele, Drake.

Class 11 - 90cm Working Hunter Pony NIF 143cm also M and M

1) Chloe McLaughlin, Teddy Boy.