Keen demand for cattle at Enniskillen

An entry of 864 cattle were in keen demand at Enniskillen.

Heavy weight bullocks sold to 264ppk for a 658kg CH at 1740 and up to at 1770 per head for a 674kg LIM at 262ppk, light weights to 301p for a 398kg CH at 1230

BULLOCKS: Enniskillen producer 498kg CH at 1260, 462kg CH at 1290, 416kg CH at 1100; Springfield producer 722kg CH at 1760, 684kg CH at 1580; Dromore producer 616kg CH at 1570, 658kg CH at 1740, 712kg CH at 1690; Eskra producer 490kg CH at 1220, 566kg CH at 1420

Enniskillen producer 544kg CH at 1390, 524kg CH at 1380, 646kg CH (bull) at 1640; Fivemiletown producer 550kg LIM at 1360, 386kg SH at 1000, 454kg CH at 1180, 398kg CH at 1230; Dunganon producer 638kg LIM at 1560, 676kg HER at 1700, 710kg CH at 1700, 662kg LIM at 1710: Trillick producer 514kg CH at 1420; Maguiresbridge producer 674kg LIM at 1770, 566kg LIM at 1470, 604kg LIM at 1560: Derrylin producer 556kg LIM at 1430, 558kg LIM at 1410, 566kg at 1350: Tempo producer 644kg CH at 1500; Kesh producer 592kg LIM at 1430, 448kg LIM at 1190; Lisnaskea producer 612kg AA at 1170, 542kg AA at 1100, 540kg AA at 1110, 564kg CH at 1230; Irvinestown producer 640kg CH at 1560, 610kg CH at 1470; Enniskillen producer 474kg CH at 1250, 492kg HER at 1100, 678kg AA at 1450, 590kg AA at 1460, 564kg AA at 1400; Ballinamallard producer 460kg CH at 1350, 410kg LIM at 1180, 396kg CH at 1100, 420kg LIM at 1180; Kesh producer 448kg LIM at 1190, 592kg at 1430, 424kg CH at 1190; Enniskillen producer 443kg CH at 1270, 416kg CH at 1100, 409kg CH at 1090


In the weanling ring bullocks sold from 700 to 1280 for a CH 422kg , heifers sold from 600 to 1050 for a CH 402kg.

Ruling Price: Derrylin producer 367kg LIM steer at 1160, 355kg LIM steer at 1160, 365kg LIM steer at 1040; Belcoo producer 402kg CH hfr at 1050, 365kg CH hfr at 990; Derrygonnelly producer 498kg CH steer at 1210, 330kg Ch steer at 1080, 408kg LIM steer at 1060; Kesh producer 391kg CH hfr at 1050, 463kg CH steer at 1260, 386kg CH hfr at 1000, 443kg CH steer at 1250; Garrison producer 306kg CH steer at 950, 325kg LIM steer at 910, 302kg CH steer at 990; Derrygonnelly producer 27kg AA bull at 650, 322kg AA bull at 780, 304kg AA bull at 790; Lisnaskea producer 413kg CH hfr at 850,394kg CH bull at 950, 347kg CH bull at 960; Belleek producer 297kg CH hfr at 960, 236kg CH hfr at 800, 342kg CH hfr at 980; Castlederg producer 392kg BB bull at 1130, 347kg LIM hfr at 800, 326kg CH bull at 930; Kesh producer 270kg CH steer at 950, 337kg CH steer at 1020, 366kg CH steer at 1130; Enniskillen producer 338kg CH steer at 1070, 289kg LIM steer at 930, 303kg LIM steer at 900, 310kg CH steer at 1030; Fintona producer 357kg CH bull at 1120, 275kg CH bull at 880, 286kg LIM bull at 930, 283kg SIM bull at 820


AA bull at360 born March, AA bull at 325 born March, LIM bull at 490 born March, CH bull at 40 born Jan, HER bull at 220 born March, Her bull at 210 born April, HER bull at 170 born April, AA bull at 250 born Feb, HER bull at 295 born April, HER bull at 275 born April, HER bull at 190 born April, HER bull at 260 born April, AA bull at 200 born April, AA bull at 395 born April, AA bull at 285 born April, BB hfr at 380 born March, HER hfr at 185 born March, AA hfr at 220 born April, HER hfr at 210 born April, HER hfr at 235 born March, FR bull at 40, born April, FR bull at 30 born April

SUCKLER COWS: 2018 LIM cow with March born LIM bull at 1920; 2017 SIM cow with March born twin bulls at 1820; 2020 BB hfr with BB Feb born bull at 1460; 2019 SIM hfr near note to AA bull at 1500; 2019 AA hfr near note to AA bull at 1180; 2016 LIM cow near note to CH bull at 1280; 2020 SIM hfr near note SIM bull at 1380; 2016 LIM cow near note SIM bull at 1000; 2021 Non Reg LIM bull at 1710


Beef lots sold to 262ppk paid for a 650kg CH at 1700 and to a top price of at 1760, medium weights from 210-268ppk paid for a 540kg CH at 1450, while light weights sold from 215-276ppk paid for a 488kg CH at 1350

Kinawley producer CH 700kg at 1760; Belcoo producer CH 650kg at 1700; Culkey producer CH 610kg at 1540, CH 580kg at 1430; Newtown producer CH 618kg at 1560, CH 610kg at 1560; Kesh producer CH 570kg at 1450; Maghaveely producer CH 540kg at 1450, CH 530kg at 1440, CH 570kg at 1410, CH 550kg at 1400; Springfield producer CH 510kg at 1320, CH 500kg at 1310, CH 500kg at 1260, CH 480kg at 1220, CH 460kg at 1180, CH 420kg at 1100; Tempo producer CH 480kg at 1350; Churchill producer CH 540kg at 1370; Garvary producer CH 450kg at 1200, CH 380kg at 1050

Fat cows

Beef lots sold to 225ppk paid for a 654kg CH at 1650, medium weights to 261ppk paid for a 482kg LIM at 1260, FRE cows from 84-180ppk, Fat bulls from 125-189ppk paid for a 760kg CH at 1430. Enniskillen producer CH 800kg at 1700; Kesh producer LIM 740kg at 1690, LIM 654kg at 1650; Lisnaskea producer 700kg LIM at 1450; Ballinamallard producer CH 650kg at 1430; Roscor producer CH 720kg at 1450; Belleek producer CH 714kg at 1420; Leggs producer CH 786kg at 1510