Lakeland Dairies sets milk price for November and makes bonus payment

Lakeland Dairies has announced a milk price for November.

In Northern Ireland, a base price of 26.55p/l will be paid for November milk. This is the same base price as October. Normal out of season bonus of 3p/litre applies for November milk. In addition a special Lakeland Bonus of 1p/litre will also be paid for November milk.

In the Republic of Ireland, a base price of 32.28c/litre (including VAT/Lactose) will be paid for milk supplied in November. This is the same base price as October. Normal out of season bonus applies for November. A special Lakeland Bonus of 1 cent per litre (plus VAT) will also be paid for November milk.

A spokesperson for Lakeland Dairies said: “The dairy markets are delicately poised as we move into Christmas with a variable balance between supply and demand worldwide, including continuing high levels of supply from New Zealand and the United States approaching record levels of production. In Europe, we are still seeing gains being made in production.

“While economies and societies have re­opened coming up to Christmas, it remains to be seen what, if any, bounce there will be especially for foodservice with the COVID cloud still deeply disruptive. Until a largescale vaccination pro­gramme is rolled out, it is likely that the current approach to dealing with the virus will continue to see a stop-start ap­proach in the foodservice sector.

“Buyers are remaining cautious into 2021 as they await to see how supply, Brexit and COVID-19 will look in the early months of next year. In terms of prices, there has been little in the way of movement for many of the main products. Prices for butter, skimmed milk powder and whole milk powder are tracking stable in general terms.

“Lakeland Dairies will continue to support milk producers to the maximum possible, now and always into the future.”