Lambs make £158 at Gortin

There was a steady trade at Gortin on Monday night with lambs making £158/35kg and fat ewes £188.

By Ruth Rodgers
Thursday, 23rd June 2022, 9:42 am

Lambs: J McGurk £158/35kg G Blair £135/22.5kg C Frazer £132/25kg S Lindsay £130/24kg J Watters £130/22kg £122/20kg D Beattie £129/23kg £124/23kg £107/20kg B McCrystal £129/22kg A McGowan £129/24kg H Wilson £128.50/23.5kg P Cairns £128/33kg N Thom £126/23.5kg J OKane £126/22kg W Rankin £125/22kg M Scott £125/23kg K Pinkerton £124.50/21.5kg J Young £123.50/22kg B McCullagh £123/22kg P Keenan £122/21kg S Kerlin £121/22kg

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Ewes: M McCullagh £188 M Scott £172 J McFarlane £170 £132 G Rankin £166 A Speers £158 W Mitchell £158 M McGlade £150 £120 D Taggart £150 H Wilson £144 G Gibson £143 I Crilly £135 K Pinkerton £134 C Frazer £132 £120 M Devine £132 M Anderson £132 M Scott £132 D Taggart £130 A Harpur £128

Ewes and Lambs: K Carlin £190 £154 £144 £140 B Morris £186 £142 A Harpur £174 S McEldowney £152