Launch of 4 breed Calf Show at Dungannon Farmers Mart on 27th November

Following on from the very successful establishment of the bi-annual multibreed continental bull and female breeding sale at Dungannon Farmers Mart, the Northern Ireland Blue, Blonde, Salers and Simmental Clubs have worked closely to launch a new 4 breed calf show this year on Saturday, 27th November.

Sunday, 1st August 2021, 7:51 am

The show is to encourage the very best youngstock of the four breeds and new exhibitors into the showring in a controlled environment.

This allows new exhibitors to come along and learn the ropes without the stress of a major show or a Breed show and sale. The hope is the young animals presented will go on to be turned out at breed sales the following year and be seen again all over the show circuit in NI next summer.

Each breed will offer classes for stronger Autumn born calves from September 2020 and 2021 calves which will have been weaned by November and well settled into the winter routine.

The event is seeking sponsors, please contact any club secretary.

For a copy of the rules or more information on entering please contact any club secretary or check out