Love Island contestant Will Young turns farming into an unlikely TikTok trend - Here's five of the very best farming vloggers in the UK and Ireland right now

Thanks to Love Island contestant Will Young, best known as ‘Farmer Will’, data from Google Trends shows that interest in the search term ‘TikTok farmer’ rose by as much as 97 per cent when the show first aired earlier this month.

Online streamers and influencers are the new ‘celebrities’. Indeed, some of the most successful current stars began their careers on video-sharing platforms such as TikTok.

It's not just comedians and glamorous lifestylers on TikTok! There are hugely popular content creators from all walks of life, including farming.

While 2023 Love Island contestant Will Young has sparked public interest in agriculture, he is just one of the many amazing ‘agri-influencers’ notching up online views.

Will Young. Image: Instagram/farmer_will_Will Young. Image: Instagram/farmer_will_
Will Young. Image: Instagram/farmer_will_

As part of their Vloggers’ Success Files campaign, Business Name Generator has revealed five of the very best farming vloggers in the UK and Ireland right now.

TikTok Followers: 1.4M

TikTok Likes: 35.7M

Will Young is one of the most talked about contestants on the current series of Love Island and is, in fact, the bookmaker’s favourite to win the series as ‘top male’!

The 23-year-old from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, who worked as a farmer before joining the ITV2 show, already boasted an impressive online following of more than one million fans on TikTok. That following will only grow the longer that the popular reality star stays in the Love Island villa.

Farmer Will’s fabulous TikTok profile is full of content featuring sheep and lambs on his farm and his day to day life looking after them.

Will is also an active charity campaigner and has raised money for various agricultural organisations and animal welfare charities in his area.

TikTok Followers: 398.8K

TikTok likes: 5.9M

Running an animal rescue charity and farm in Devizes, Wiltshire, Chris Franklin and his crew of young carers first went viral on TikTok in 2019 with an adorable video of ducks, geese and chickens running out into the yard for their morning ‘rush hour’.

Caenhillcc continues to post a range of wholesome animal-related content, featuring everything from cuddly cats to lovely lambs, plus owls, tortoises and much more.

TikTok Followers: 377K

TikTok likes: 11.2M

The Irish actress who lives on a farm, Fiona Bergin is hugely popular on TikTok with 375.3k followers and 11 million likes.

Fiona’s humorous content shares her two loves, farming and acting, giving fans a taste of her busy and exciting lifestyle, which includes Fiona keeping good care of her cows, and more importantly winding up her brothers.

TikTok Followers: 40.1K

TikTok likes: 2.2M

Boasting over 40,000 followers on TikTok and a farm with over 800 sheep, there’s certainly a lot going on in agri-influencer, Em Lawrence’s life.

There’s no shortage of videos featuring Em’s flock of sheep, and of course, her three loyal sheepdogs - which is more than enough to brighten up anyone’s TikTok feed.

TikTok Followers: 5.4K

TikTok likes: 119.1K

Northumberland-based farmer, Alex the Kid, describes his life on the farm as ‘living the nightmare, chasing the dream’. However, it’s clear to see from his content that he loves life on the farm.

If big machines are your thing, be sure to catch up on Alex’s TikTok account which features footage of him driving tractors, diggers, combine harvesters and much more.

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