Male drop calves selling to £390 Beattie’s Pedigree Centre

A super trade at Beattie’s Pedigree Centre on Tuesday 22 June 2021 with male drop calves £390/Friesian and female drop calves £310/Aberdeen Angus.

Male drop calves

W Gamble £390/Friesian, £290/Belgian Blue, £250/Friesian, £175/Friesian £165/Friesian, R Sterritt £385/Aberdeen Angus £360/Belgian Blue, £180/Friesian, £180/Friesian, £180/Friesian, £130/Friesian, A and V Sproule £340/Friesian, £340/Friesian, £340/Friesian, £340/Friesian, £340/Friesian, £335/Friesian, £335/Friesian, £335/Friesian, I Cathers £270/Montebeliarde, £240/Montebeliarde, £225/Montebeliarde, £220/Montebeliarde, W and A Atcheson £205/Saler, £205/Shorthorn, £200/Saler, £195/Shorthorn, £175/Aberdeen Angus, M McBride £200/Aberdeen Angus, £200/Aberdeen Angus, £180/Aberdeen Angus, T McQuaid £165/Friesian, £135/Friesian, £135/Friesian,£135/Friesian and R and M Cummings £150/Friesian, £115/Friesian.

Heifer drop calves

R Sterritt £310/Aberdeen Angus, £290/Aberdeen Angus, £275/Aberdeen Angus, £265/Aberdeen Angus, R and M Cummings £305/Hereford, £220/Hereford, J Beattie £230/Hereford, £230/Hereford, £195/Hereford, M McBride £225/Aberdeen Angus, £225/Aberdeen Angus, £180/Aberdeen Angus and W and A Atcheson £155/Aberdeen Angus.