Male drop calves selling to £500 at Beattie’s Pedigree Centre

Outstanding show of drop calves at Beattie’s Pedigree Centre with males selling to £500/Belgian Blue and females selling to £390/Aberdeen Angus.

Male drop calves

R Sterritt £500/Belgian Blue, £180/Friesian, £170/Friesian, £165/Friesian, £155/Friesian, £155/Friesian, £155/Friesian, F Keenan £475/Belgian Blue, D Sayers £420/Simmental, £410/Simmental, £400/Simmental, £310/Simmental, A Turtle £375/Friesian, £365/Friesian, £305/Friesian, £300/Friesian, £210/Friesian, £200/Friesian, D Hepburn £350/Stabiliser, R Robinson £245/Shorthorn beef, £240/Belgian Blue. E Boyd £210/Hereford, £200/Hereford, £195/Hereford, T Smith £205/Simmental, £165/Simmental, £150/Simmental, £150/Simmental, £120/Simmental, O Ryan £165/Fleckvieh, J Beattie £160/Hereford, T McQuaid £150/Friesian, £100/Friesian, £100/Friesian, £100/Friesian, Moo Milk Ltd £140/Aberdeen Angus £120/Aberdeen Angus and R Darragh £115/Holstein, £80/Holstein, £70/Holstein, £70/Holstein.

Female drop calves

R Sterritt £390/Aberdeen Angus, £375/Aberdeen Angus, D Sayers £335/Simmental, E Boyd £180/Hereford, J Beattie £175/Hereford and Moo Milk Ltd £115/Aberdeen Angus, £115/Aberdeen Angus, £110/Aberdeen Angus, £105/Aberdeen Angus.