Markethill Mart sheep sale: Quality doubles selling to a top of £325 each

An entry of 1200 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday 10th March maintained a very strong trade for all classes.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 12:03 pm

The 720 hoggets sold in a very firm trade with good quality heavy hoggets selling steadily from £140 to £148 each with the entire entry of 500 heavy hoggets averaging 26k at £143.50 per head.

Good quality heavy hoggets sold steadily from 540p to 587p per kilo with a top of 612p per kilo for 24.2 kilos at £148 each from a Tynan producer followed by 605p per kilo for 24.2k at £147.50 per head from a Moy farmer.

A total of 15 pens sold in excess of £144 per head.

Heavy horned hoggets sold to a top of 545p per kilo for 50 hoggets 25.3 kilos at £138 each.

Good quality middleweight hoggets sold from 550p to 636p per kilo for 22k at £140 each followed by 611p per kilo for 23k at £140.50 each.

Middleweight horned hoggets sold to 575p per kilo for 37 hoggets 22.6k at £130 each from a Portadown farmer.

Cull ewes sold to a top of £165 each. Main demand sold from £100 to £158 each for fleshed ewes.

Plainer quality ewes sold from £70 to £90 each.

A very large entry of ewes and lambs sold in a steady demand with good quality doubles selling to a top of £325 each paid to a Camlough farmer and a Newtownhamilton farmer received £305 for 1 ewe and 2 lambs.

Main trade for good quality doubles sold from £250 to £290 each.

Singles reached £240 each. Main demand for good quality singles sold from £180 to £235 each.

Heavy hoggets

Tynan farmer : 24.2k £148 612p : Moy farmer : 24.4k £147.50 605p : Banbridge seller : 24.1k £141.50 587p : Keady farmer : 25.3k £146 577p : Hamiltonsbawn producer : 26k £148 569p : Newry farmer : 25k £142 568p : Dungannon seller : 25k £141 564p and Dungannon seller : 25.7k £144.50 562p.

Middleweight hoggets

Armagh seller : 22k £140 636p : Portadown producer : 23k £140.50 611p : Armagh farmer : 23.5k £138 587p : Portadown producer : 23.5k £138 587p : Keady farmer : 23k £135 587p : Portadown producer : 22.6k £130 575p and Portadown seller : 22.6k £130 575p.