Micky Kelly retires – I did it my way

Micky Kelly, of the M.Kelly & sons partnership has finally called it a day and decided to retire from his beloved sport of pigeon racing because of ill health after 50 years, and he’s handing the reins over to his son Thomas.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 8:48 am
Stephen Rice - Fortfield - pictured proudly displaying Champion Anniversary Girl - 1st Open Ulster Federation Skibbereen Championship
Stephen Rice - Fortfield - pictured proudly displaying Champion Anniversary Girl - 1st Open Ulster Federation Skibbereen Championship

Micky has won more than his fair share over the years against some of the biggest names in the sport. Micky was telling me he has won many top derby positions over the years and he’s been twice 2nd Open Ulster Fed French Derby.

Micky has also won the much sought after Cornish Connection Cup for the lowest winning vel from any of the Cornwall races between the NIPA, East Down Combine & Ulster Fed something he’s very proud of.

Micky raced a few races in the NIPA over recent years and he is also very proud of the fact that he won 1st Open Section D into a very unfavourable loft location, and flying 15 plus miles further than the first drop into Section D. Micky enjoyed all racing from 70 miles to 500 miles, but his love was always the Derbys and the Channel racing, it was the setting the pigeon up and knowing he had done his job right when he watched them return and win some top positions over the years.

Micky pictured with good friend Ronnie Williamson.

There are a few people and fanciers Micky would like to thank for their help, kindness and friendship over the years and the first of these is his family, as Micky said he could never have raced and enjoyed the sport without all of their help over the years. Then the late great Harry Granville of Ligoniel, as Micky looked upon him as a gentleman and a legend, Ron Williamson a true friend, Michael Atcheson, Gerry Reynolds of Abbey Social, Gregg Brothers & McCandless and not forgetting West Belfast HPS club and members for all their help over the years.


The above club are holding a fundraising online auction at present.

The Committee would like to thank all of the fanciers who have donated youngsters to the auction – a top class selection from Kings Cup, Millar Gold Cup, National, Classic, Derby and top club performers.

Micky pictured with son Thomas.

Proceeds to go towards the purchasing of a transporter for training facilities. The birds are now online. There will be four parts with a 15 minutes sniping feature in operation.

The birds are now online (Part 1 & Part 2) with the sale ending on 13th March and 14th March – two parts at 8pm.

Parts 3 and 4 will be online on March 15th /16th, finishing March 20th/21st.

To view the lots on offer log into: www.pigeoncraic.com/auctions


I have included a few pics of last season’s top award winners within the NIPA and Ulster Federation. I will have more pictures to follow in the coming weeks. Hoping you enjoy the memories of the 2020 season.


The committee and members of the above club would like to thank all who gifted birds and purchased birds in their recent online fund raising auction. The sale was a fantastic success. To all who participated or helped in any way – many thanks.

One for the family album - The Beattie Family - Portadown - Pictured at one of their Open Nights
Eddie Heaney - Ligoniel HPS - pictured proudly displaying his weekend winner 1st Open NIPA Roscrea
Artie O'Hanlon - Fortfield - 1st Open Ulster Federation Fermoy
Anthony & Norman - A & N Lewis - Doagh & Dist - 1st Sect C Talbenny