Mourne YFC are keen to add numbers ahead of new year

Mourne YFC would like to take the opportunity to welcome new and existing members along on Thursday 8th September to a fun filled night of ice breaker games.

Why not call in for a chat in the Annalong Community centre at 8pm and find out what Mourne YFC is all about?

If you are going into Year 8 or older, this is a great opportunity to join the biggest rural youth organisation in the country, which will provide you with endless opportunities and plenty of craic.

Why join Mourne YFC? Conquer new challenges, make new friends for life, learn new skills.

Mourne YFC committee members Rebecca Connor and Laura Bartley are all set and ready for the busy Young Farmer year ahead

Mourne YFC is the freshest club in the county founded in 2015.

A spokesperson for the club explained: “The club was put together by the young people in the area of Kilkeel, Co Down.

“We went to our local councillor who arranged a meeting with the YFCU club development officer who came and told us all about the young farmers’ club and the sorts of things that we could get involved in.

“After this first information meeting everyone was very keen to get a young farmers’ club set up and we decided upon the name ‘Mourne’ YFC as it represented a collection of local communities in the area.”

They continued: “As a club we are looking forward to the YFCU year starting up and are looking forward to taking part in the competitions that are available for us particularly because there are such a wide variety of events in sports, arts and of course agriculture.

“In our club there is particular interest in the machinery handling competitions and the fencing competitions as well the home management and floral art competition especially among some of our younger members.

“As a club we are above all excited about getting to meet a whole range of new people.

“Of course getting involved in the competitions is a big part of that but we’re looking forward to observing the other aspects of YFCU over the next few months that we could get involved in.

“Mourne YFC are also looking forward to embracing the YFCU theme this year “Reignite”. Passion People Participation are the main target that Mourne YFC will focusing on.

“This year the club would like to encourage each new member to; try one new competition they haven’t done before; meet someone new step out and embrace the wide range of the social aspects that young farmers has to offer; to support all activities to the best of your ability and engage in all club activities.

For more information or details you can contact Mourne YFC throughout their many social platforms.

Alternatively you can contact club leader Darren on 07514284100 or club secretary Rebecca on 07922546605.