New TV show will explore the biggest, fastest and most powerful tractors on the planet

A brand new channel 5 series begins this Friday night, delving into the world of tractors – the biggest, fastest and most powerful on the planet.

By Joanne Knox
Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 4:58 pm

Tractors: Big, Bigger, Biggest looks at epic vintage restorations, as well as cutting-edge machines.

Viewers will be taken on a journey across the globe, from the beauty of Britain, to the heat of Florida and the snows of Alaska, to see everything a tractor can do.

The show will introduce us to the men and women who build, modify and even race these mechanical marvels, including the beauty queen who competes in the most powerful motorsport on earth – tractor pulling.

Also featured is the enthusiast who bought his own foundry to rebuild a 120-year-old steam tractor.

In episode one of Tractors, we go big with the largest tractor ever made, fast with the high speed family that compete in a tractor called ‘Spending Their Inheritance, and expensive with a Cambridgeshire farmer and his £500,000 tractor.

In Montana we will size up Big Bud - the biggest tractor ever built. It’s longer than a bus and five times as heavy, its eight massive tyres tower over an ordinary man.

Big Bud is 45 years old and no one has built a bigger tractor.

In Cambridgeshire we meet the future of farming - a self-driving tractor with pinpoint precision.

But sci-fi farming doesn’t come cheap. The John Deere 9RX costs more than a house at a whopping £500,000.

Meanwhile, in Florida, just down the road from Disney World, we meet Mike and Mary Kehl who compete in the most powerful motorsport in the world - tractor pulling.

They’ve burnt through so much cash building their alcohol fuelled competition tractor that they’ve dubbed it ‘Spending Their Inheritance’.

And, in Dartmoor, we head to a unique farm to discover an amazing solution to a big problem.

Farming 70 acres of Christmas trees is backbreaking work.

The Sirio 4x4 is just 25 and a half inches wide and can get in amongst it - its the world’s smallest tractor!

Packed with extraordinary machines and brilliant characters this episode delivers size, speed and surprises.

In episode two of Tractors we head to Staffordshire to meet the engineers behind the world’s fastest tractor - the JCB Fastrac 2, which has clocked up an incredible 150mph - and see it in action.

Off the coast of Devon we will travel on the incredible 53-year-old Burgh Island sea tractor. It is custom built to transport passengers across the waves and into the lap of a luxury hotel.

But with peak season approaching will the engineers get the repairs done in time?

Taking a break from the waters and skating out onto the ice, we take a look at the vintage tractor built in Basildon that is now a celebrity in Canada, where it is used to smooth out the ice on a sports stadium ice rink in British Columbia.

And, on the Isle of Sark, one of the Channel Islands just off the coast of France, we discover an island, two miles square and with a population of just 500, where the only method of transport is the tractor.

From the pleasures of Tractor Island and the high-speed thrills of the Fastrac 2 this episode blends vintage tractors with the cutting-edge of modern technology, custom built one-offs and the production line favourites.

The third episode features tractors designed for snow, designed for steam and designed to save lives.

In Burnham on Sea, the RNLI has developed the Talus M8 specially so that it can head into the sea - even when the waves are lashing hard - and launch their lifeboats.

We see it battle against the elements on a training mission.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, we meet Kory Anderson who has brought back to life a legend from the steam age - the incredible Case 150.

In Alaska we get to see the Fordson snow tractor in action.

A unique invention, the snow tractor was designed without tracks or wheels but instead with two massive corkscrews to propel itself across the surface of the snow.

Next up is the largest tulip farm in the UK which uses an incredible one-in-a-million Frankenstein’s monster of a tractor that is a literal factory on wheels: ploughing, furrowing and planting all in one.

And in Manitoba Canada we witness a first in the history of tractors.

Big Roy isn’t a four wheel drive tractor. Nor a six wheel drive. It’s a massive eight wheel drive beast.

Built in 1977 it’s now a museum piece but for the first time in its history it’s heading out into the snow.

These really are the world’s most amazing tractors!

Tractors: Big, Bigger, Biggest is brought to Channel 5 by series producer David Lawrence, producer/directors Thomas Scott Evans and Jeremy Weiss, executive producer Mark Roberts and production company Raw Cut.

Episode one will air this Friday night (20 May) at 9pm.

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