Newry & Mourne Channel Club fundraiser

Newry & Mourne Channel Club will be holding a fund raising online auction early March.

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 8:54 am
Wilson & McCullough - Doagh & Dist - St Malo Winners
Wilson & McCullough - Doagh & Dist - St Malo Winners

The Committee would like to thank all of the fanciers who have donated youngsters to the auction. There is a top class selection from Kings Cup, Millar Gold Cup, National, Classic, Derby and top club performers.

Proceeds are to go towards the purchasing of a transporter for training facilities.

On offer are 2021 youngsters donated by the following top fanciers:

One for the family album - Owen , Sadie and son Pat - O O'Neill & Son - Glenarm & Dist - St Malo Winners

John Trimble (Top EDC winning loft – Pick of Y/B off any of his EDC Winners), K Rooney & Son & Dtr (pick of any pair in stock loft), Alan Feeney (Pair of 2021 Y/BS – Deardon Bros Long Distance Stock), Beggs & Hall (Pair of 2021 Y/BS - Multiple Award Winning Loft inc 1st Open NIPA etc. Vandenbrande Special – related to numerous award winners), D & J Campbell (NIPA Sect C Channel Fancier Of The Year 2020), Bingham & Seaton (one from the stock loft), P&C Shields (2 x 2021 Y/BS – Parents Direct Vandenbrande – direct from Belgium), Danny Dixon (Y/B Direct Off “Red Lighting” - Winner 4 x 1sts , 3 x 1st Mid Antrim Combine & 1st Sect B), Martin Graham (Former INFC Y/L National Winner - Top Long Distance Loft), Donnelly Bros (Multi award winning loft – Winners galore in the pedigree), Johnny Murtagh (INFC Kings Cup Winner and 4th Quimper National – 2019), Cormac O’Hare (former Harkness Rosebowl Winner – Best of Cormac’s long distance bloodlines on offer), Jeff Greenaway (Past National Winner & Multi Award Winning Loft 2020), J Smyth & Sons (Top Quality 2021 Y/B – ½ Brother/Sister to Y/L Cock National Winner & 2nd Open Talbenny Y/B National Winner), McCartan & Woodside (multiple award winning loft NIPA & EDC 2020), Wesley Sawyers (top long distance loft – winner of numerous top long distance awards), G O’Reilly & Sons (Former INFC Kings Cup Winner & Millar Gold Cup Winner plus Multiple Award Winner at National Level – Sheer Class), Tommy McClean (Former INFC National Champion), John Boyd (One Loft Race Specialist), Wayne Doonan – Cock Crow Lofts (Wayne stocks one of the finest teams of stock – Top youngster on offer), Diamond Carson (NIPA St Malo O/B National Winner 2020- Class Y/B On Offer), J F McCabe & Son (Y/B Direct off 1st Open NIPA Bude Winner), Owen Markey (past National winner – Owen promises something special), Aiden McAteer (multi award winning long distance loft – National, Gold Medal & Hall Of Fame Winner), Gerald Delaney – Oroory Hill Stud (winners reported every year – top award winners – Gerald promises something special), Liam McCaul (Former INFC Kings Cup Winner & Millar Gold Cup Winner – Liam promises something special), Jim Braniff (Y/B Direct off Big Eddie), Gerald Campbell (Top Sprint/Middle Distance Y/B On Offer closely related to multiple p/winners), F.B.I Flanders Collection (VandenBulck Special – G/Child of “The Griepal “ – Top European Stud), Ian Gibb & Son (top quality youngster from one of Ireland’s top studs – Lambrecht special on offer), Cyril & Hilary Beattie (Pair of Y/BS – One direct from Winner 2nd Open INFC Kings Cup plus another star Long Distance Special), Paul Hope (Top Flyer – Paul has something special on offer), J Abernethy – Harmony Lofts (One from stock loft – Walkingshaw Special), Sands & Rice Multi Award Winning Loft – RPRA Champion Y/B Of The Year 2020), Blane McEvoy (Y/B Direct off No Ring Cock x Miss Magic – Dtr Kings Cup Winner), R Kirkwood (One from his top long distance team), P Martin (Pair of top Van Lemputtens), A. Murray & Son (Former INFC Kings Cup Winners – Class Y/B promised), Gordon Bros (Top EDC Winning Loft – The brothers have promised one of their multi award winning Vandenbulcks), P Swindell (top long distance bloodlines on offer), Thompson & Lunn (Former NIPA Y/L Hens Nat Winner plus numerous top awards – pick of stock loft), Sammy Ogle (Direct off 1st N Sect Skibbereen National), United Lofts (One direct from the stock loft).

More to follow: Anybody wishing to kindly donate a young bird towards this can contact the club on our club email or clubs facebook messenger. Fantastic draft of 2021 Y/Bs on offer.

STOP PRESS: The birds will be sold in online auction over approx four parts with a 15 mins sniping feature in operation. The birds will be online (Part 1 & Part 2) on Monday, 8th March and Tuesday, 9th March with the sale ending on 13th March and 14th March – two parts at 8pm

To view the lots on offer log into:

Owen Markey - Ballyholland - 1st Sect G Yearling National


The above club are holding an online auction of 2021 youngsters at present. A top selection of youngsters on offer from club members plus youngsters gifted to the club by top fanciers. A class sale with some top lots on offer.

All online on the Pigeon Craic Auction Site –

On offer will be 2021 youngsters donated by the following fanciers: Gary McKenna, Jimmy Burrows, Young & McManus, A & N Lewis, T McClean, J & J Hollinger, M Johnston, T Mawhinney, Blair & Rankin, Oroory Hill Stud, T Cairns & Son, A. Thompson (2 x 2021 y/bs), Foster & Larkham (2 x 2021 y/bs), D & J Campbell ( it of 6 x 2021 y/bs), D. McElhone (kit of 6 x 2021 y/bs), Farmview Lofts ( Geoff Dickey – kit of 6 x 2021 y/bs).

Tommy Tosh - McAuley , Kell , Gibson & Tosh - West Belfast HPS - pictured proudly displaying their latest Ulster Federation Winner

The birds will be sold over two parts with a 15 mins sniping feature in operation.

The birds are now online - Sale ending on 6th March and 7th March – two Parts – at 8pm.

To view the lots on offer log into:


R & M McManus - Fortfield - 1st Open Ulster Federation Tullamore

I have included a few pics of last season’s top award winners within the NIPA & Ulster Federation. I Will have more pictures to follow in the coming weeks. Hoping you enjoy the memories of the 2020 season.


The committee and members of the above club would like to thank all who gifted birds and purchased birds in their recent online fund raising auction.

The sale was a fantastic success. To all who participated or helped in any way – many thanks.

Clifford Healy pictured with GSon Cameron - Killyleagh Central - 1st Sect F Talbenny
J Smyth & Sons - Drumnavaddy - 1st 2nd Sect G & 2nd 3rd Open NIPA Talbenny
Armstrong & McAllister - Ligoniel & Dist - 1st Sect C St Malo