NFU and NAAC helping farmers prepare for the upcoming 2021 harvest

The NFU and National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) has hosted an NFU Live event to discuss how farmers can prepare for a safe harvest this year, both on and off road.

Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 11:00 am

The event provided an opportunity for farmers and growers across the country to delve into road safety compliance expectations and find out how contractors and farmers can better work together to improve safety and efficiency during harvest.

The panel, which included NFU deputy president Stuart Roberts, NAAC chairman Matt Redman, road safety officer for Avon and Somerset Police PC Dan Cox and HSE agricultural policy team representative Eve Macready Jones, discussed what practical safety measures farmers can take, including:

Checking trailers for road safety and legal compliance;

r Making sure vehicle drivers are trained and competent;

r Ensuring workers have sufficient rest and are not fatigued.

NFU deputy president Stuart Roberts, who chaired the event, highlighted the importance of looking out for each other throughout the harvest season.

He said: “Harvest is one of the busiest periods in the farming calendar. This often means we’re tired and stressed, so it is absolutely critical that we, and our employees, take extra care when it comes to safety.

“It’s also vital that we look out for each other. While it might be uncomfortable to point out a safety risk to a colleague or friend, we cannot be afraid to highlight where improvements can be made. It may well save a life.

“We also know that there is often an increase in road accidents around harvest-time as there is a much greater presence of agricultural vehicles on roads.

“While we are reliant on patient, responsible driving from other road users, we must do what we can to stay safe and legal which can be as simple as making sure we, or any workers, are not too tired.”