NIPA heads to Tullamore for first race

The NIPA were in Tullamore for the opening old bird race of the 2021 season.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 8:17 am
Rabbie Blair - J & R Blair - Ballyclare - pictured with Grandson Jamie proudly displaying their weekend winner of 1st Ballyclare & Dist HPS
Rabbie Blair - J & R Blair - Ballyclare - pictured with Grandson Jamie proudly displaying their weekend winner of 1st Ballyclare & Dist HPS

The birds were liberated on Saturday 24/04/21 at 11am into a light easterly wind. Top bird on the day winning 1st Club Strabane, 1st Sect H (88/1,714) and 1st Open 510/15,145) belongs to Jay Walsh. Congratulations Jay on your latest top performance in the opening race of the NIPA old bird season.

Can I take this opportunity to appeal to all clubs and club Press Officers where appointed) - The Pigeon Craic Result Site - - will be up and running for the new season ahead.

If you have not already joined please do so - only club admins can post results. Please submit your result plus any relevant text on the top winning fancier and birds to the website plus myself, asap after race, for publication in the fancy press. Please feel free to send any photos that you wish to have published. You can send pics by email, whatsapp or by picture message on mobile phone. Emai: [email protected]

Phillip Boal - P & J Boal - Dromore - 1st Sect D Tullamore.

Please note this website can show your past results that you have submitted with just a click of a button there for all to view. As official press officer for the NIPA (Sections C, D, F & G). I will endeavour to give maximum coverage through the fancy press and craic website to all Club, Section & Open Winners but your help is needed to make this a success. I would also like to wish all fancier friends good health and enjoy your racing in the coming season.

Section C Report

Top bird in Section C winning 1st & 3rd Sect C (84/2,388) 85th & 88th Open is the top racing lofts of G & M Atcheson, Ligoniel & Dist HPS.

Michael’s Sect winner from Tullamore is a two year old blue hen. She has previously won several top club, section and open prizes. The sire of this hen was sourced for Michael by his good friend Stuart Fawcett,while the dam is from Michael’s winning red family. Congratulations Michael on your top performance in the opening old bird race of the 2021 season.

Paul McCarton & Darren Woodside - McCarton & Woodside - Crossgar HPS - 1st Sect F Tullamore

Ballycarry: 1st NJ Arthurs 1428, 2nd E Arthurs 1424, 3rd 4th JC Reid 1404, 1404.

Ballyclare HPS: 16/372 1st J & R Blair 1416, 2nd Higginson & Fasciolo 1413, 3rd G & R Lawrie 1395, 4th D McClelland 1386.

Doagh & Dist HPS: 1st J & R Scott 1425, 2nd 3rd A & N Lewis 1392, 1387, 4th Mr & Mrs McNeilly 1381.

Eastway HPS: 9/272 1st D & J Campbell 1425, 2nd G McKenna 1424, 3rd J Burrows 1422, 4th Gratton Bros & Speers 1421.

Michael Atcheson - G & M Atcheson - Ligoniel & Dist HPS - 1st Sect C Tullamore

Glenarm & Dist HPS: 1st 2nd G McWhirter 1381, 1338, 3rd O O’Neill & Son 1324.

Kingsmoss: 1st 2nd R & C Johnston 1324, 1323, 3rd G & C Lowry 1296, 4th J Dawson & Son 1286. Nom won by J Dawson & Son.

Larne & Dist HPS: 1st 2nd 3rd Rea & Magill 1412, 1411, 1397.

Ligoniel & Dist HPS: 1st G & M Atcheson 1445, 2nd McMurray & Anderson 1440.

McGrath & McParland - Drumnavaddy HPS - 1st Sect G Tullamore.

Wheatfield: 1st J & D Braniff 1446, 2nd P & M Travers 1439, 3rd DMG Ferguson 1433.

Section D Report:

Top bird in Section D winning 1st & 2nd Sect D (64/1,481) 40th & 41st Open is the top racing partnership of P & J Boal, Dromore. Their latest top performer is a yearling Blue Cock, raced roundabout, and this was only his fourth race of his career. Breeding: Sire - Direct Kris Van Massenhoven - Bred from the “Box 2 Cock when paired to 1st National Chateauroux Duiven. Dam - Willy Van Herck hen – Top Racer – A previous winner: 1st Sect D & 6th Open NIPA & 1st Section D &11th Open NIPA. Congratulations guys on your latest top success.

Colin: 1st J Gregory & Sons 1447, 2nd O & M Monaghan 1445, 3rd B Walsh 1431.

Derriaghy: 1st 2nd W Ringland & Son 1339, 1333, 3rd R Benson 1329.

Dromara; 1st 2nd 3rd Cromie & Magee & Son 1456, 1452, 1450.

R & C Johnston - 1st Club Kingsmoss

Dromore HPS: 1st 2nd 3rd P & J Boal 1460, 1460, 1446.

Glen HPS: 1st 2nd J Ward 1424, 1423, 3rd G Toner 1421.

Glenavy: 1st 2nd I Gibb & Sons 1422, 1399, 3rd D Coulter 1325.

Harmony HPS: 1st 2nd P & C Carson 1455, 1443, 3rd Abernethy & Turner 1413.

Hillsborough & Maze: 1st 2nd 3rd J Greenaway 1445, 1445, 1438.

Lisburn & Dist: 1st 2nd 4th R Topping & Son 1447, 1419, 1397, 3rd SG Briggs 1401.

Titanic: 1st 4th Lavery, Lavery & Nesbitt 1409, 2nd 3rd T McNally & Son 1388.

Section F Report:

Top bird in Section F winning 1st Crossgar HPS & 1st Sect F (31/911) is the top racing partnership of McCarton & Woodside. Paul and Darren had a fantastic opening race in the newly joined NIPA club having 14 birds in the top 17 of the Section. The section winner is a 3 year old blue hen bred by Kevin Rooney Son & Dtr. This win now makes her a double section winner and she was also NIPA Section F Old Bird Of The Year award winner in 2019. Congratulations Paul & Darren on your recent top success.

Ards HPS: 1st H & S Muckle 1264, 2nd 3rd B Griffith 1255, 1254.

Corrigs HPS: 1st 2nd 4th G & P Brown 1323, 1314.5, 1307, 3rd P Brown & Son 1314.1.

Crossgar: 1st 2nd 3rd McCarton & Woodside 1397, 1369, 1361.

Killyleagh & Dist: 1st D Grieves 1373.39, 2nd K Murray 1373.25, 3rd P Murray 1350.

Kircubbin: 1st 2nd 3rd Young & McCormick 1327, 1319, 1301.

Section G Report:

Top bird in Section G winning 1st Sect G (46/1,672) & 32nd Open is the partnership of McGrath & McParland, Drumnavaddy HPS. Their latest top performer is a yearling Grizzle hen. Breedin: Sir: Direct Son £50pound/daughter Bajou – P & J Boal. Dam: VanHerck/Ceulemens - Kevin Downey. Congratulations guys on your recent top success.

Ballyholland: 1st G Murphy 1450, 2nd Sands & Rice 1435, 3rd C O’Hare & Dtr 1422.

Banbridge: 1st 2nd 3rd F Simpson 1439, 1388, 1385.

Drumnavaddy HPS: 1st T McKinstry 1454, 2nd J Brush 1446.

Millvale: 1st 2nd N Murtagh 1460, 1456, 3rd R McKelvey 1428.

Newry & Dist: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th JF McCabe & Son 1452, 1451, 1447, 1447.

Newry & Dist Two Bird Club: 1st JF McCabe & Son 2nd G Hughes & Son.

Newry City: 1st 2nd 3rd Donnelly Bros 1445, 1407, 1406.


The Ulster Federation were in Navan at the weekend for their first race of the 2021 season. The birds were liberated on Sat 24-04-21 at 1.30pm into an easterly wind. 82 members sent 1,642 birds. Top bird this week, at time of going to press, belongs to the Shankill lofts of Calderwood & Waite. Breeding: Van Den Bulck via Proudstown Stud. Congratulations guys on your top performance in the opening race of the 2021 season.

Abbey Social: 1st 2nd Mr & Mrs Reynolds 1528, 1528, 3rd M Kelly & Sons 1520, 4th Fegan & McAdorey 1515.

Brittannia: 1st 2nd J Braniff 1534, 1497, 3rd SP Haughey 1481, 4th T Nolan 1472.

Fortfield: 1st 2nd 4th B Shannon 1541, 1532.7, 1531, 3rd J Ward & Son 1532.4.

Grosvenor: 1st T & L Cooke 1542, 2nd A & A Ferran 1539, 3rd 4th P & K McCarthy 1537.9, 1537.9.

Lagan Valley RPC: 9/200 1st R & A Gore 1513.67 2nd H Jennings & Sons 1513.59, 3rd D McShane & Son 1509, 4th Spence Bros 1503.

Shankill: 7/173 1st 2nd 3rd Calderwood & Waite 1543, 1537, 1535, 4th Bingham & Seaton 1526.

West Belfast: 19/580 1st 4th J Lindores & Son & Nicholson 1536, 1519, 2nd E McAuley, Kell, Gibson & Tosh 1535, 3rd B Smyth 1534.


Stop press: Cyril & Hilary will offer to the fancy a very select draft – ready soon – bred from their top long distance bloodlines. This is a golden opportunity for the fancy to avail of these top award winning long distance bloodlines. These youngsters will be offered on the Pigeon Craic Auction Site in the next couple weeks –

More information next week.


Is your club looking to generate a few pounds? Have you – the individual fancier – a few youngsters etc. to offer? To date all clubs/individuals have had great success. If so feel free to contact myself or send an email: [email protected]

Calderwood & Waite - Shankill - Top bird in Ulster Federation at the weekend