Overall Champion sells to £1990 at Hilltown Saleyard Spring Show and Sale

Another large entry of sheep to Hilltown Saleyard on Thursday 7th April saw fat ewes sell to £270 and fat lambs to £135.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 11th April 2022, 2:41 pm

Fat ewes: Hilltown farmer £270, Hilltown farmer £218, Hilltown farmer £186, Hilltown farmer £185, Hilltown farmer £179, Annaclone farmer £178, Rathfriland farmer £175, Hilltown farmer £174, Banbridge farmer £172, Hilltown farmer £165, Castlewellan farmer £164, Rostrevor farmer £157, Kilkeel farmer £156, Bessbrook farmer £154 and £152, Dromara farmer £152, Cabra farmer £151, Leitrim farmer £148, Hilltown farmer £144, Downpatrick farmer £143, Hilltown farmer £140, Castlewellan farmer £139, Bessbrook farmer £138, Kilkeel farmer £136, Hilltown farmer £135, Castlewellan farmer £134, Hilltown farmer £132, Rostrevor farmer £131, Rathfriland farmer £130.

 Fat lambs: Ballymartin farmer £135 for 28kg (482ppk), Hilltown farmer £135 for 26kg (519ppk), Rostrevor farmer £133 for 26kg (511ppk), Rathfriland farmer £132 for 26kg (507ppk), Kilkeel farmer £131 for 24kg (545ppk), Hilltown farmer £127 for 23kg (552ppk), Leitrim farmer £125 for 24.8kg (504ppk), Cabra farmer £125 for 22kg (568ppk), Hilltown farmer £125 for 21kg (595ppk), Kilkeel farmer £123 for 21.8kg (564ppk), Kilkeel farmer £122 for 22.1kg (552ppk), Donaghmore farmer £120 for 21.4kg (560ppk), Rostrevor farmer £120 for 22kg (545ppk).

Saturday 9th April saw a large entry of cattle to Hilltown Saleyard for the annual Spring Show and Sale. A special thanks to the judge on the day, Mr Colin Reid. The overall champion and 1st place in the bullock class was presented by Bronagh and Cathal Magee and later sold for £1990. The reserve champion and 1st place in the heifer class was also showed by Bronagh and Cathal Magee and sold for £1550.

Reserve champion

Results were as follows:

Bullock class: 1st place Bronagh and Cathal Magee £1990 for 786kg (253ppk), 2nd place, Martin Redmond £1550 for 622kg (249ppk) and 3rd place S & E Cunningham £1330 for 498kg (267ppk).

Heifer class: 1st place Bronagh and Cathal Magee £1810 for 752kg (240ppk), 2nd place Desmond McPolin £1180 526kg (224ppk) and 3rd place £1020 for 426kg (239ppk).

Weanling bullocks: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place J Dennison sold for £1490 for 486kg (306ppk), £1410 for 446kg (316ppk) and £930 for 456kg (203ppk).

Overall champion at the Hilltown spring show and sale

Weanling heifers: 1st place J Rowan £1010 for 460kg (219ppk), 2nd place J Rowan £950 for 392kg (242ppk) and 3rd place V Quinn £860 for 326kg (263ppk).

Other prices from the sale were as follows:

Fat Cows: Kilcoo farmer £1960 for 984kg (199ppk), Rostrevor farmer £1710 for 802kg (213ppk), Dromara farmer £1670 for 726kg (230ppk), £1600 for 794kg (201ppk) and £1440 for 780kg (184ppk), Mayobridge farmer £1350 for 676kg (199ppk), Downpatrick farmer £1340 for 766kg (174ppk), Castlewellan farmer £1330 for 744kg (178ppk), Castlewellan farmer £1300 for 698kg (186ppk), Downpatrick farmer £1270 for 680kg (186ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1260 for 518kg (243ppk), Rostrevor farmer £1230 for 674kg (182ppk), Ballyward farmer £1180 for 628kg (187ppk), Hilltown farmer £1130 for 564kg (200ppk).

Weanling heifers: Clough farmer £1080 for 516kg (209ppk), Mayobridge farmer £1080 for 474kg (227ppk), Castlewellan farmer £1010 for 460kg (219ppk), Castlewellan farmer £950 for 392kg (242ppk), Mayobridge farmer £940 for 394kg (238ppk), Mayobridge farmer £940 for 382kg (246ppk), Hilltown farmer £900 for 412kg (218ppk), Mayobridge farmer £890 for 400kg (222ppk), Clough farmer £880 for 384kg (229ppk), Mayobridge farmer £870 for 430kg (202ppk), Kilkeel farmer £860 for 326kg (263ppk), Kilkeel farmer £860 for 338kg (254ppk), Mayobridge farmer £810 for 360kg (225ppk), Hilltown farmer £790 for 336kg (235ppk).

Weanling bullock winner

Weanling bullocks: Dromara farmer £1490 for 486kg (306ppk) and £1410 for 446kg (316ppk), Mayobridge farmer £1290 for 430kg (300ppk), Clough farmer £1180 for 532kg (221ppk), Mayobridge farmer £990 for 440kg (225ppk), Clough farmer £950 for 392kg (242ppk), Mayobridge farmer £940 for 402kg (233ppk), Dromara farmer £940 for 446kg (210ppk), Hilltown farmer £920 for 402kg (228ppk), Mayobridge farmer £910 for 396kg (229ppk), Hilltown farmer £880 for 398kg (221ppk), Mayobridge farmer £880 for 394kg (223ppk), Clough farmer £850 for 354kg (240ppk), Ballynahinch farmer £850 for 358kg (237ppk), Attical farmer £850 for 330kg (257ppk).

Heifers: Hilltown farmer £1810 for 752kg (240ppk), Loughgilly farmer £1580 for 656kg (240ppk), £1470 for 612kg (240ppk), £1430 for 614kg (232ppk), £1380 for 620kg (222ppk), £1340 for 578kg (231ppk), and £1290 for 550kg (234ppk), Downpatrick farmer £1180 for 536kg (220ppk), Hilltown farmer £1180 for 526kg (224ppk).

Bullocks: Hilltown farmer £1990 for 786kg (253ppk), Warrenpoint farmer £1820 for 734kg (248ppk), Hilltown farmer £1790 for 784kg (228ppk), Hilltown farmer £1780 for 706kg (252ppk), Rathfriland farmer £1550 for 632kg (245ppk), £1550 for 622kg (249ppk), £1440 for 600kg (240ppk), £1400 for 574kg (243ppk) and £1380 for 594kg (232ppk), Kilcoo farmer £1370 for 614kg (223ppk), Rathfriland farmer £1360 for 606kg (224ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1330 for 498kg (267ppk) and £1320 for 500kg (264ppk), Ballyward farmer £1260 for 490kg (257ppk).