Overall Champion sells to £3150 at Hilltown Mart’s Christmas Show

A good entry of sheep to Hilltown Saleyard on Thursday, 18th November saw fat ewes sell to £158, fat lambs to £136 and Mourne Blackface ewe lambs sold to £635.

Monday, 22nd November 2021, 1:56 pm
Reserve Champion and 2nd place in the beef bullock class presented by Niall Doyle sold for £2500 to Stephen Rooney Butchers, Rostrevor.
Reserve Champion and 2nd place in the beef bullock class presented by Niall Doyle sold for £2500 to Stephen Rooney Butchers, Rostrevor.

Ewes: Mayobridge farmer £158, Ballynahinch farmer £140, Hilltown farmer £132, Kilcoo farmer £128, Annalong farmer £128, Hilltown farmer £127, Hilltown farmer £125, Hilltown farmer £123, Annalong farmer £120, Ballynahinch farmer £116.

 Fat lambs: Ballynahinch farmer £136 for 21.5kg (632ppk), Newcastle farmer £126 for 25.5kg (494ppk), Hilltown farmer £125 for 21kg (595ppk), Ballynahinch farmer £125 for 21.5kg (591ppk), Rathfriland farmer £123 for 23.5kg (523ppk), Dromore farmer £121.50 for 22.5kg (540ppk), Kilkeel farmer £120.50 for 25.4kg (474ppk), Kilcoo farmer £120 for 23kg (519ppk), Newry farmer £119.50 for 24.4kg (489ppk), Rathfriland farmer £118 for 22kg (536ppk), Rathfriland farmer £117 for 24.6kg (475ppk), Mayobridge farmer £117 for 21.2kg (551ppk), Hilltown farmer £116.50 23.3kg (502ppk), Mayobridge farmer £116 for 25kg (464ppk), Newry farmer £116 for 22.7kg (511ppk),

A special entry of Mourne Blackface Ewe Lambs: Cabra farmer £635, Hilltown farmer £360, Hilltown farmer £310, Hilltown farmer £180, Hilltown farmer £145, Cabra farmer £130.

Overall Champion and 1st place in the beef bullock class presented by Arthur and Alise Callaghan sold for £3150 to Cunningham's Butchers Kilkeel.

Store lambs: Ballyward farmer £113.50 for 19.4kg (585ppk), Cabra farmer £113 for 18.5kg (610ppk), Cabra farmer £113 for 18.4kg (614ppk), Kilcoo farmer £109 for 17.7kg (615ppk), Kilkeel farmer £100 for 15.5kg (645ppk), Kilkeel farmer £98.50 for 16.2kg (608ppk), Kilcoo farmer £98 for 16kg (612ppk), Kilcoo farmer £97 for 15.5kg (625ppk), Kilkeel farmer £96.50 for 15.8kg (610ppk), Downpatrick farmer £96 for 14kg (685ppk), Kilcoo farmer £94 for 15kg (626ppk), Kilkeel farmer £94 for 14.8kg (635ppk), Cabra farmer £86 for 15.1kg (569ppk), Kilkeel farmer £80 for 15.5kg (516ppk), Downpatrick farmer £76 11kg (690ppk), Castlewellan farmer £73 for 14.3kg (510ppk), Kilcoo farmer £68 for 12kg (566ppk), Kilcoo farmer £65 for 11kg (590ppk).

An outstanding turn out of top-quality cattle at Hilltown Mart’s annual Christmas Show and Sale on Saturday, 20th November.

The management and staff of Hilltown Saleyard would like to take this opportunity to thank all the buyers and sellers and the local sponsors: Bank of Ireland, Joseph Walls Ltd, Colin Reid, Daly Park and Co Newry, Rory Mcshane Newry, Milestone Rathfriland, Martin Mellon, Dunbia Group, Peter McGinn, D and M Harrison, Downshire Arms Hilltown, Gregory O’Hagan, MacRoberts Hoof Trimming, Raymond McCullough Rathfriland, Colin Morgan Meats Hilltown, Fane Valley Rathfriland, Newry Vet Centre, Vet Clinic Rathfriland, Mourne Vets Kilkeel, Manas Lowry and Mourne Leak Finder who all contributed to the success of this event.

Also, thanks to Philip Bailie, the judge for the day and thanks to the auctioneers, Gerry Campbell, Ciaran Laverty, John Bassett and Jimmy Annett.

Housewives Choice presented by Jade Tumilty sold for £3300 to Jim Quail Butchers.

A further thanks to all who donated to the charity collection on the day.

Results of the day were as follows:

Overall Champion (sponsored by Bank of Ireland) and first place in the beef bullock class was presented by Arthur and Alise Callaghan and purchased by Cunningham’s Butchers Kilkeel for £3150.

The Reserve Champion (sponsored by Bank of Ireland) and second place in the beef bullock class was presented by Niall Doyle and purchased by Rooney Butchers, Rostrevor for £2500.

Housewife’s Choice (sponsored by Joseph Walls Ltd) was presented by Jade Tumilty and was purchased by Jim Quail Butchers, Banbridge for £3300.

Beef bullock class: First place by Arthur & Alise Callaghan £3150 for 756kg, second place Niall Doyle £2500 for 720kg, third place J Traynor £1960 for 810kg, fourth place Kevin O’Hare £1880 for 654kg, fifth place Johnny Davidson £1620 for 602kg and sixth place Martin McAlerney £1480 for 556kg.

Beef Heifer class: First place J Cormican £2600 for 748kg, second place Philip and Roisin Murnion £2350 for 746kg, third place Jade Tumilty £1750 for 606kg, fourth place Niall Doyle £2650 for 642kg, fifth place Christopher Brown £2850 for 662kg and sixth place Francis Small £1600 for 546kg.

Weanling Bullock class: First place Johnny Davidson £1260 for 444kg, second place Joseph Doyle £1260 for 376kg, third place Barney Murnion £790 for 300kg.

Weanling Heifer class: First place Frank Russell £1280 for 444kg, second place Canice Quinn £1240 for 436kg and third place Jarlath Kelly £1100 for 346kg.

Fat Cow class: First place Brendan McNeill £1880 for 842kg and second place Donal McMullan £1660 for 878kg.

Proceedings continued with the fortnightly cattle sale.

Prices were as follows:

Fat Cows: Annaclone farmer £1880 for 842kg (223ppk), Hilltown farmer £1750 for 930kg (188ppk), Hilltown farmer £1710 for 930kg (183ppk), Castlewellan farmer £1660 for 878kg (189ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1630 for 854kg (190ppk), Rostrevor farmer £1400 for 782kg (179ppk), Mayobridge farmer £1400 for 728kg (192ppk), Castlewellan farmer £1340 for 664kg (201ppk), Castlewellan farmer £1340 for 748kg (179ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1300 for 636kg (204ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1280 for 712kg (179ppk), Castlewellan farmer £1250 for 724kg (172ppk).

Cows and Calves: Hilltown farmer £2080, Banbridge farmer £1850, Banbridge farmer £1800, Kilcoo farmer £1530, Kilkeel farmer £1420, Downpatrick farmer £1400, Killinchy farmer £1370, Rathfriland farmer £1320 and Rathfriland farmer £1280.

Weanling Heifers: Rostrevor farmer £1280 for 444kg (288ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1180 for 348kg (339ppk), Castlewellan farmer £1100 for 346kg (317ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1090 for 438kg (248ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1060 for 302kg (351ppk), Castlewellan farmer £1050 for 394kg (266ppk), Kilcoo farmer £990 for 330kg (300ppk), Kilkeel farmer £970 for 370kg (262ppk), Castlewellan farmer £950 for 380kg (250ppk), Castlewellan farmer £940 for 366kg (256ppk), Kilkeel farmer £930 for 370kg (251ppk), Jonesbourough farmer £900 for 342kg (263ppk), Kilkeel farmer £900 for 376kg (239ppk), Kilkeel farmer £890 for 328kg (271ppk), Kilkeel farmer £860 for 308kg (279ppk), Castlewellan farmer £850 for 352kg (241ppk), Jonesbourough farmer £830 for 290kg (286ppk), Kilkeel farmer £800 for 320kg (250ppk), Castlewellan farmer £760 for 268kg (283ppk).

Weanling Bullocks: Kilkeel farmer £1260 for 376kg (335ppk), Ballinaskeagh farmer £1260 for 444kg (283ppk), Jonesbourough farmer £1080 for 390kg (276ppk), Castlewellan farmer £1050 for 390kg (269ppk), Castlewellan farmer £1040 for 404kg (257ppk), Jonesbourough farmer £1000 for 382kg (261ppk), Castlewellan farmer £970 for 354kg (274ppk), Castlewellan farmer £970 for 364kg (266ppk), Atticall farmer £960 for 354kg (271ppk), Castlewellan farmer £960 for 352kg (272ppk), Hilltown farmer £950 for 286kg (332ppk), Castlewellan farmer £950 for 358kg (265ppk), Kilkeel farmer £920 for 338kg (272ppk), Hilltown farmer £900 for 334kg (269ppk), Kilkeel farmer £890 for 364kg (244ppk).

Heifers: Banbridge farmer £3300 for 684kg (482ppk), Kilkeel farmer £3000 for 594kg (505ppk), Hilltown farmer £2850 for 662kg (430ppk), Hilltown farmer £2650 for 642kg (412ppk), Ballinderry farmer £2600 for 748kg (347ppk), Hilltown farmer £2350 for 746kg (315ppk), il#Hilltown farmer £2000 for 624kg (320ppk), Kilkeel farmer £2000 for 590kg (339ppk), Banbridge farmer £1750 for 606kg (288ppk), Annaclone farmer £1730 for 680kg (254ppk), Bangor farmer £1680 for 712kg (236ppk), Hilltown farmer £1600 for 620kg (258ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1600 for 630kg (254ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1600 for 546kg (293ppk), Hilltown farmer £1500 for 598kg (250ppk), Hilltown farmer £1430 for 634kg (225ppk), Newry farmer £1380 for 546kg (252ppk), Hilltown farmer £1340 for 608kg (220ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1240 for 436kg (284ppk), Ballinaskeagh farmer £1200 for 516kg (232ppk), Kilcoo farmer £1050 for 436kg (240ppk).

Bullocks: Kilkeel farmer £3150 for 756kg (416ppk), Hilltown farmer £2500 for 720kg (347ppk), Newry farmer £1960 for 810kg (242ppk), Hilltown farmer £1880 for 654kg (287ppk), Hilltown farmer £1840 for 728kg (252ppk), Hilltown farmer £1830 for 794kg (230ppk), Hilltown farmer £1800 for 766kg (235ppk), Hilltown farmer £1760 for 692kg (254ppk), Hilltown farmer £1750 for 730kg (239ppk), Hilltown farmer £1740 for 772kg (225ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1710 for 714kg (239ppk), Hilltown farmer £1700 for 696kg (244ppk), Hilltown farmer £1680 for 678kg (247ppk), Hilltown farmer £1680 for 672kg (250ppk), Ballinaskeagh farmer £1620 for 602kg (269ppk), Ballyward farmer £1480 for 556kg (266ppk).