Phantom takes centre stage

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 11:00 am
Tabitha Cullen, So Cool
Tabitha Cullen, So Cool

Seven willing competitors took on the course of coloured fences, all of whom came home with rosettes and smiles on their faces.

Onto the 50cm class where all the fences were raised to parallels and fences nine to 12 were against the clock. Emma Williamson enjoyed her round on Dustmiester as she jumped the whole course with a huge smile on her face and the photos from Black Horse Photography are there to prove it.

Her smile continued through to the results as the pair finished in first place in a great time of 23.60 seconds.

Emma Williamson, Dustmiester

Charlie Watson and Master Casper Boy, still in the ribbons from last week but stepped it up a gear this week to take home the red ribbon, with Aoife Mallet and ‘Phantom’ finishing clear all the way in strong 70cm class to take home the red ribbon in a fantastic time of 19.29 seconds.

The 80cm was a strong class with nine competitors leaving all the poles intact throughout the course, therefore it was down to who completed fences nine to 12 in the fastest time and that was Zara Smyth on ‘Charlie’ in a super speedy time of 17.55 seconds.

Charley Hanna and ‘Crystal’ had reset their sat nav issues from last week and were back on form in the 90cm class.

Clear all the way and with the fastest time of the day 16.95 seconds they were delighted to be taking home the red ribbon.

Aoife Mallet, Phantom

After a testing few days Mia Dickson was glad to end the week on a good note with her mount ‘Rafa’. The pair soared into first place in the 1m class.Well done!

Thank you to everyone who supported the third leg of this six week league, Hagans Croft hopes to see you all again next week.

Thanks are extended to Judge Katy Saunders and to all the stewards who make the event run so smoothly.

The league continues until Saturday June 5, this event is pre-entry only with entries closing each Thursday at 12noon prior to Saturdays event. Times are posted online late Thursday evening. To qualify for the final in week six each horse/pony and rider combination must compete in four out of the six weeks and within the same show jumping class. Competitors must be present at the final to be eligible for league placings. Scoring is based on a points system and details of league scores can be found on Hagans Crofts website or Facebook page. Rosettes are awarded to the first six placings each week and within the overall league placings. Everyone is welcome to compete at the final in week six, with a separate prize giving held for those competing on the day and those competing within the league.

Charley Hanna, Crystal

Entries are taken via Hagans Crofts website or download the Hagans Croft App.

Show Jumping Results

Saturday May 15

Class 1 - X-Poles - clear rounds

Mia Dickson, Rafa

Annabelle Gill, Gracie; Tabitha Cullen, So Cool; Sofia Taylor, Pepsi Coca Cola; Erin Clough, Southmoor Sybill; Ross Will, Rocco; Maisie Elliott, Moonlight.

Class 2 - 50cm

1) Emma Williamson, Dustmiester; 2) Maisie Elliott, Moonlight; 3) Rachel Price, Sporty; 4) Ross Will, Ben; 5) Abbie Knox, Spirit; 6) Olivia Rodgers, Motivator.

Class 3 - 60cm

1) Charlie Watson, Master Casper Boy; 2) Emma Williamson, Dustmiester; 3) Vivienne Andrews, Sarah’s Pebbles; 4) Aoife Mallet, Archie; 5) Rebecca Belshaw, Mr Reba; 6) Holly Savage, Mount joy lad.

Class 4 - 70cm

1) Aoife Mallet, Phantom; 2) Jessica House, Kind of Magic; 3) Judith Auten, Kevin; 4) Charlotte Nelson, Reggie; 5) Olivia Stewart, Shadow Of A Star; 6) Nichola Howarth, Cruz.

Class 5 - 80cm

1) Zara Smyth, Charlie; 2) Kaiti McCann, Cookie; 3) Katie McKee, Rockshore Rebel; 4) Charlotte Nelson, Reggie; 5) Megan Savage, Star Surprise; 6) Jessica Rogers, Knockbridge Magic Moment.

Class 6 - 90cm

1) Charley Hanna, Crystal; 2) Sophie Sloan, Little Me; 3) Jessica Rogers, Knockbridge Magic Moment; 4) Charlotte Wilson, Dude; 5) Charlotte Cochrane, Tullymurry Abbie; 6) Mia Dickson, Rafa.

Class 7 - 1m

1) Mia Dickson, Rafa; 2) Rebecca McWhinney, Ballylar Brandy; 3) Charley Hanna, Crystal.