Phenomenal trade of cattle at Lisahally Mart

Phenomenal trade of cattle at Lisahally on Wednesday night with a complete clearance.

Store bullocks selling to £1650/820kg, store heifers selling to £1300/640kg, fat cows selling to £1619.20/920kg and £1620/810kg.

Store bullocks: Daniel Wade £1650/820kg, £1500/740kg, £1490/680kg, £1430/680kg, £1370/650kg, £1350/640kg, Fergal McAleer £1310/660kg, £1300/650kg, £1040/580kg, N Blair £1290/580kg, £1250/610kg, £1240/570kg, £1220/640kg, £1190/590kg, £1190/600kg, £1060/450kg, Joseph McNulty £1290/550kg, £1190/590kg, David Hawthorne £1280/600kg, £1090/600kg, Robert McCrea £1270/710kg, W Matthews £1200/630kg, £1150/690kg, £1150/600kg, £960/630kg, Glenfern Farm £1160/540kg, £1130/490kg, £990/450kg, £970/430kg, Kelly Farms £1140/570kg, £1140/610kg, £1140/570kg, £1100/550kg, Robert McCrea £1140/610kg, Robert Maxwell £1140/580kg, £1050/530kg, £1010/530kg, £970/480kg, £960/500kg, Mildred Rutledge £1050/570kg, £1040/490kg, Tom Parkhill £1030/530kg and Kevin McNicholl £970/470kg.

Store heifers: N Blair £1300/640kg, James Proctor £1290/600kg, £1200/550kg, £1180/590kg, £1170/600kg, £1120/590kg, William Barclay £1180/540kg, £1100/440kg, Thomas Whiteside £1180/550kg, £1150/500kg, £1110/480kg, 31080/480kg, £1070/430kg, £1040/490kg, £1020/440kg, £1020/500kg, £1020/420kg,£1010/460kg, £1010/430kg, £1000/440kg, £1000/400kg, Craig Blair £1140/540kg, Fergal McAleer £1140/590kg, Wiliam Barclay £1130/530kg, John Robinson £1100/490kg, £1100/530kg, £1060/470kg, £1060/490kg, John Feenry £1100/490kg, £1090/540kg, £1060/530kg, £1030/520kg, A Hamilton £1060/550kg, £1000/490kg, £1000/500kg, Patrick McLean £1030/560kg and James Proctor £1010/590kg.

Fat cows: Kieran McShane £1619.20/920kg, £979.80/690kg, Mervyn Rodgers £1299.60/760kg, £1442.10/810kg, Paul McArthur £1069.50/690kg, Fergal McAleer £1045.80/630kg, William Barclay £945/700kg, Derek McNeely £912.50/730kg, Thomas Martin £891.10/670kg and John Leitch £552.90/570kg, £472/590kg.

Fat bulls: Gary Hamilton £1620/810kg, £1510/740kg, £1380/660kg, M Mullan £1460/730kg, £1360/680kg, Derek McNeely £1310.40/1040kg and Robert Wallace £1117.20/980kg.

First class trade of sheep in Lisahally on Tuesday night with fat lambs selling to £129/30kg, store lambs selling to £95.50/19kg and fat ewes selling to £119.

Fat lambs: Margaret Crockett £129/30kg, £114/22kg, Samuel Eaton £127/27kg, Reid Clarke £127/25kg, Charlie McDevitt £126/29kg, David Hawthorn £126/25kg, Robert Rutledge £126/25kg, £117.50/24kg, Lionel Barr £126/30kg, John Killen £125.50/27kg, £124/25kg, AEJ Devlin £125/29kg, Olsen Allen £122.50/25kg, Stephen McGerrigle £121/23kg, A Carmichael £120.50/24kg, M McShane £119/23kg, Stephen Robinson £117.50/22kg, Malcolm Young £116.50/23kg, Leo Devine £116/23kg, John Cunningham £116/23kg, Jeffrey Baird £110/22kg, Leona McLaughlin £110/22kg, P O’Doherty £105.50/21kg, Ronan McAteer £99/21kg, David Moore £99/20kg and Eoghan Lagan £97/21kg.

Store lambs: R and W Goiligher £95.50/19kg, A Carmichael £94/21kg, G Storey £89/20kg, S Porter £88/18.5kg, Robert Waugh £88/19kg, £78/18kg, Samuel Eaton £86/17kg, Robert Waugh £83/18kg, SI Carmichael £82/20kg and Eoghan Lagan £80/15kg.

Fat ewes: Arthur Rainey £119, S Devine £109, Malcolm Young £103, Charlie McDevitt £97, £94, £80, Stephen McGerrigle £90, S Devine £90, £79, £46, Margaret Crockett £89, Douglas Scott £86, £83, S Porter £85, £81, Raymond Deery £81, Joseph Cunningham £80, Michael Burke £79, £58, Patrick McNicholl £78, Leo Devine £77, AC Carmichael £71, £54, Stuart Parkhill £70, £70, £69, David Moore £70, David Devine £69, C Foster £69, D Walker £69, Barry O’Neill £59, AEJ Devlin £45 and Stephen McGerrigle £40.

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