Pony Christmas Special at Mossvale Equestrian Centre

MOSSVALE Equestrian Centre held its Pony Christmas Special on Friday 16th December where a fun night was had by all.
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The next showjumping date at Mossvale will be Friday 5th January. Everyone at Mossvale hopes Santa comes to you all this weekend!



Little Olivia Ward on Oscar. (Mossvale)Little Olivia Ward on Oscar. (Mossvale)
Little Olivia Ward on Oscar. (Mossvale)

1st Pippa Leatham, Flash Harry;

2nd Emma Hill, Izzy;

3rd Libby Leatham, Silver Jubilee;

4th Olivia Ward, Oscar;

Pippa Leatham on Flash Harry. (Pic: Mossvale)Pippa Leatham on Flash Harry. (Pic: Mossvale)
Pippa Leatham on Flash Harry. (Pic: Mossvale)

5th Daryl Bicker, Rosey lou;

6th Brook Hanna, King.


1st Pippa Leatham, Flash Harry.

Emma Hill on Izzy. (Pic: Mossvale)Emma Hill on Izzy. (Pic: Mossvale)
Emma Hill on Izzy. (Pic: Mossvale)


1st Ellen Hare, Chief;

2nd James McClelland, Stormin Norman;

3rd Lily Henderson, Emily;

Rachel Stranney, Lucky. (Pic: Mossvale)Rachel Stranney, Lucky. (Pic: Mossvale)
Rachel Stranney, Lucky. (Pic: Mossvale)

4th Oliver Hill, Flash;

5th Rachel Stranney, Lucky;

6th Lauren Orr, Teddy.


1st Zara McConnell, Rio;

2nd Ellie Mae McConnell, Rosie Lou;

Emma Hill on Caz. (Pic: Mossvale)Emma Hill on Caz. (Pic: Mossvale)
Emma Hill on Caz. (Pic: Mossvale)

3rd Emma Morrison, Caz;

4th Ellen Hare, Chief;

5th Rose Henderson, Tubbs;

6th Lucy Hampton, Case.


1st Ethan Murphy, Dan the Man;

2nd Emma Morrison, Caz;

3rd Kathryn Wolfe, Charlie;

4th Emily Wolfe, Jackson;

5th Ellie Mae McConnell, Rosie Lou.