Prices for beef cattle on the rise at Draperstown Mart, weanlings selling to £1540

Beef is rising last Friday at Draperstown with store cattle selling to 307ppk and weanlings making £1540.
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R Gallagher £1900/680kg £1800/650kg £1720/610kg £1700/650kg A Hurst £1890/740kg £1890/750kg £1830/630kg £1770/620kg £1750/650kg £1730/720kg £1720/720kg £1700/650kg £1650/580kg £1590/660kg E Connor £1760/650kg £1750/740kg £1700/620kg £1690/670kg £1630/590kg J O'Hagan £1680/590kg £1600/540kg £1580/550kg £1550/540kg £1540/560kg £1490/510kg £1480/510kg £1470/520kg £1240/440kg J Hamill £1370/490kg £1350/490kg £1340/510kg £1230/460kg £1200/440kg £1200/460kg £1180/440kg £1080/410kg J Lennox £1280/440kg £1240/450kg and W Davis £1110/480kg.


Draperstown MartDraperstown Mart
Draperstown Mart

R Black £1980/740kg £1920/700kg £1800/690kg E Connor £1820/720kg A Speer £1760/640kg £1740/610kg £1740/630kg £1720/600kg £1710/640kg £1640/610kg £1620/590kg £1560/570kg £1560/570kg £1550/550kg £1510/570kg £1500/580kg £1500/550kg £1450/510kg M McGlade £1740/600kg £1720/560kg £1700/620kg £1690/580kg £1630/550kg £1590/580kg £1550/550kg £1470/550kg R Stanley £1600/680kg £1570/590kg Barrack Hill £1490/590kg D Cairns £1350/530kg S Lee £1300/480kg £990/400kg J Ambrose £1160/500kg £1040/490kg and S Crozier £1050/480kg £910/440kg.

Male weanling

R Gallagher £1540/540kg £1500/470kg £1460/500kg £1450/480kg £1440/490kg J Wilson £1420/530kg £1410/440kg £1400/460kg £1330/450kg £1260/430kg £1150/390kg £1100/380kg I McAleece £1300/410kg £1140/430kg £970/390kg J McDowell £1240/420kg £1200/410kg £1160/400kg £1120/410kg £1100/370kg £1090/400kg £1080/370kg £1070/350kg £1050/350kg W Phillips £1020/390kg S McCrory £960/400kg and K Meenan £950/350kg £940/280kg.

Female weanlings

J Wilson £1330/450kg £1310/440kg £1280/410kg £1270/420kg £1250/400kg £1210/400kg £1170/390kg J McDowell £1030/370g £990/300kg £950/360kg £920/310kg I McAleece £960/390kg D Baxter £950/310kg £930/340kg and K Meenan £700/310kg.

Fat cows

L O'Neill £2000/740kg £1780/720kg J McDowell £1869/890kg £1666/850kg J Kennedy £1587/630kg £1476/690kg £1388/560kg £1276/580kg J Clarke £1555/770kg T Kelly £1540/770kg R Biggar £1539/810kg £1485/790kg J McLaughlin £1512/630kg T Kelly £1453/790kg R Sufferin £1437/790kg Barrack Hill £1430/730kg B Ryan £1404/650kg £1317/610kg D Nelson £1324/720kg P Conwell £1310/630kg and J Doyle £1227/660kg.

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