Programme ‘grows’ from strength to strength

This week marks the completion of 12 monthly features in Farming Life, profiling the work of the Land Mobility Programme.

Monday, 28th June 2021, 10:16 am
John McCalllister
John McCalllister

The good news is that the initiative continues to grow in popularity under the management of John McCallister.

Farming Life is critically aware of the tremendously positive work carried out under the aegis of Land Mobility and is more than happy to commit to the future of the programme.

Launched in the autumn of 2017, Land Mobility is helping to establish a culture of longer term land leasing in Northern Ireland while, at the same time, developing much-needed opportunities for young people wanting to develop careers in production agriculture.

Land Mobility is all about partnerships. As part of its commitment to the programme, Farming Life will be profiling new partnership opportunities for young people wishing to plot a future in agriculture or for landowners to secure the means by which the future of their holding can be secured as a viable farm business.

Listed below is the June 2021 tranche of Land Mobility match-ups. If any of these opportunities are of interest to you, contact John McCallister (pictured): Phone: 07833 668602 or e mail: [email protected]

Farms available

Co Antrim: 170 cow dairy farmer looking for share farmer. Farm has the capacity to increase cow numbers significantly. Good grazing block and laneways. Farmer open to options of share farming/profit share arrangement. This would allow a mix of share farmer bringing additionally cows to farm. An excellent opportunity

Co Tyrone: 160 cow herd close to 10,000 l average. Good parlour and high yielders on robot. Good grazing block. Farm has sheep and small number of suckler cows. Farmer interested in share farming or type of profit share. Excellent opportunity as farmer keen to start transition and stepping back.

Co Down: Farm over 200 acres of very good land. Former dairy farm so over 250 cubicles and no milking parlour but could be replaced. Farmer currently running a beef enterprise but wanting to step back and very open to options and keen to provide an opportunity for a young farmer.

Co Londonderry: 60-acre main farm with over 200 acres of upland farmland. Good cattle housing and handling facilities. Farmer looking for options and happy to have some help on farm for use of land and sheds. Good suckler/beef and sheep farm.

Co Londonderry: Superb poultry unit looking for a young farmer for share farm/profit share arrangement. Excellent opportunity.

Co Tyrone: Farm for long term lease. 150 cubicles, milking parlour and milk tank. Good quality housing. Suitable for grazing or housed system. Good long-term opportunity.

Co Limerick: Starter opportunity. Role of Assistant Farm Manager on 450 cow grazing herd. Opportunity to keep 40/50 of your own cows on farm. Great way to gain experience in grass-based dairying and build up equity in livestock. Accommodation on farm.

Young Farmers looking for:

Additional land and/or contract dairy heifer rearer. 130 cow unit probably need accommodation and summer grazing for 100 heifers in total- Co Armagh

Additional land and/or contract dairy heifer rearer. Would like accommodation and summer grazing for 100+ heifers in total but could start with smaller numbers and increase over time - Co Londonderry

Additional land for arable enterprise on long term lease. Will invest in land, soil testing regularly, building up soil structure, crop rotation and working land into very best condition. Experienced young farmer running successful arable business. Keen to enter long term agreement to provide security for both parties - Down/Armagh

Land and suitable housing for large number of dairy heifers. Would also consider a heifer rearing agreement if farm suitable and farmer wanting to manage dairy heifer. A good opportunity for a former dairy farm with good housing and cubicles - Co Down

Additional long-term land for arable business. Will invest in land. Has grown winter cover crops in improve land and very keen on a long-term agreement to allow for investment in the land - Co Down

Land, possibly for arable crops mainly for own use and help with slurry. Would consider different options from a long-term lease to share farm agreement - Co Down

Additional arable land on long term lease. Will invest in land, soil testing regularly, building up soil structure, crop rotation and working land into the very best condition - Campsie/Eglinton area

Young farmer and family seeks dairy farm to rent or share milking arrangement. 130 milking cows plus followers on all year-round calving system. Cows averaging 27 litres on grass - Preferably County Antrim.