Record prices for cattle at Lisahally Mart, bullocks to £1540

More record prices this week.

An excellent entry of cattle sold to fierce demand.

Prices as follows


Norman McCombe £1540/700kg,£1460/680kg, Victor Craig £1540/780kg, £1500/720kg, Norman Thompson £1370/670kg, £1360/680kg, Andrew McKinley £1346.40/990kg, Jeannie and Michael Flanagan £1330/600kg, George Hamilton £1330/6630kg, £1250/580kg, £1150/560kg, £1150/570kg, £1090/570kg, Victor Craig £1310/660kg, Norman McCombe £1290/660kg, Alastair Buchanan £1290/620kg, R Killen £1230/590kg, Jeanne and Michael Flanagan £1220/550kg, Staurt Parkhill £1150/560kg, James Porter £1150/600kg, £1130/620kg, R Killen and Sons £1120/570kg, £1120/560kg, John and Ryan Young £1080/470kg, £1080/510kg, £1040/460kg, £1030/470kg, James Lowry £1070/600kg, £1040/600kg, £1010/610kg,Robert Wallace £950/460kg,£890/490kg, £850/410kg, Ellen Brolly £950/460kg, £940/440kg and Stuart Parkhill £910/470kg,


Jonathan Sayers £1460/660kg, £1420/650kg, Victor Craig £1410/690kg, Thomas and Wesley McFarland £1400/730kg, Jonthon Sayers £1380/630kg, £1360/610kg, £1330/610kg, Hugh McNicholl £1360/630kg, Kelly Farms £1340/580kg, £1300/570kg, Robert Quigley £1330/610kg, £1260/560kg, £1240/550kg, Victor Craig £1310/630kg, N Blair £1310/600kg, £1280/580kg, Alastair Buchanan £1300/580kg, £1260/510kg, Robert Campbell £1240, J and M Flanagan £1240/560kg, Kelly Farms £1230/540kg,£1200/540kg, John Young £1230/580kg, R Killen and Sons £1210/600kg, Alistair Glenn £1210/550kg, Thomas and Wesley McFarland £1200/610kg, John Young £1200/570kg, Jonathon Sayers £1190/560kg, Robert Quigley £1180/590kg, £1170, John Young £1140/550kg, £1140/570kg, J and M Flanagan £140/540kg, Kelly Farms £1140/500kg, William Neely £1130/570kg, Stuart Parkhill £1120/550kg and George Hamilton £1090/560kg, £1070/550kg.


Michael Conway £1570/870kg, Gary Hamilton £1460/680kg, £1370/640kg, A Glenn £1320/68kg, F McConalogue £1287/650kg, Thomas and Wesley McFarland £1221.20/860kg, £1147.30/770kg, N Blair £1149.20/680kg, John McClelland £1145.40/690kg, David Devine £1088/680kg, £1071.20/680kg, £1047.20/680kg, John McClelland £1107.60/520kg, N Blair £1073.60/610kg, Ellen Brolly £1013.20/680kg, John McMillan £969/510kg, TTDF Ltd £944.30/710kg,£897.9/730kg, £825.60/640kg, £821.1/690kg, John McClelland £849.60/590kg,Thomas Pollock £962.50/690kg, Thomas McDermott £931.30/670kg, John Beattie £904.40/760kg, £761.60/680kg, Brian McNicholl £896.50/550kg and Thomas McDermott £931.30/670kg.

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