Red hot trade for cattle at Lisahally

There was red hot trade in Lisahally with bullocks making 304ppk for a 480kg at £1460.

Bullocks: D Devine £1700/700kg Kelly Farms £1480/510kg £1460/480kg £1460/510kg £1400/470kg S McCay £1410/700kg £1290/620kg V Craig £1360/580kg £1170/520kg £1060/480kg J Dodds £1020/570kg £1000/520kg £980/500kg R Deery £890/440kg £860/460kg L McLaughlin £720/370kg £710/310kg £700/330kg £650/290kg

Heifers: V Craig £1140/540kg £1130/570kg £1090/500kg £1050/490kg Kelly Farms £1100/450kg £1050/460kg S Galbraith £1080/490kg £1070/450kg £1050/470kg £1040/490kg £1040/450kg £1020/430kg £1010/400kg £980/470kg £860/410kg D Galbraith £960/480kg R Thompson £910/390kg £600/280kg

Fat Cows: R Deery £1729/650kg B O’Kane £1550/620kg T Faith £1460/830kg P McArthur £1310/560kg M Thompson £1260/630kg

There was a great trade this Tuesday with fat lambs making £137/25.5kg and fat ewes £192

Lambs: K McConway £137/25.5kg A McLaughlin £136/27kg £126/22.5kg S McCay £135/24.5kg £122/21.5kg C McCrudden £134/22kg G Hamilton £134/23kg G Cowan £134/23.5kg E Hancock £134/24kg M McDonald £134/23kg R Lowry £132/24kg R Wilson £131/23kg W McDevitt £130/22.5kg N Thompson £129/22kg D Smyth £128/21kg W McConway £128/22.50kg R Gurney £126/21.5kg J O’Connor £126/23kg M McCorkell £122/21.5kg P O’Neill £120/21kg

Ewe: J Foster £192 £168 £158 £136 £130 G Hamilton £174 R Hancock £170 R Millen £160 M McDonald £148 M Whiteside £148 L Barr £146 £142 R Lowry £140 £120 M McCorkell £134 P O’Neill £128 N Thompson £124

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