Red rosette for Anna Poots and Jack

Saturday 25th June saw the half way point of Hagans Crofts Showjumping league.

The day commenced with the X-pole class, wheret was heart warming to see the littlest of competitors jumping the course with the biggest smiles on their faces. Everyone within this class received a rosette to encourage them on their showjumping career.

Onto the 50cm class where all fences became parallel and fences 9 to 12 were timed. Only two double clears were to be achieved in this class, therefore it was down to who completed the second half of the course in the fastest time and that was Anna Poots and ‘Jack’, clear all the way in a time of 28.85 seconds. The pair were overjoyed to bring home their red rosette. Second place went to Rose Henderson and ‘Tubster’, clear all the way in a time of 30.93 seconds. This pair work so hard each week and it is great to see all their efforts being rewarded.

After her second place win in the previous week’s competition Katie Rutherford soared into first place this week in the 60cm class, with a fast time of 28.87 seconds, this win sets her a ‘Dixie’ in good stead for the league placings. Once again it was a double clear for Jocelyn Willis and ‘Sam’, this week in a time of 31.03 seconds and bringing home the blue ribbon. What an achievement for these top two competitors riding two ex-trotter horses. Both riders working hard in their retraining process and gaining top results, well done!

Anna Poots, Jack

The competition started to hot up within the 70cm class, with all four competitors entered all achieving a double clear round. It was down to who jumped the second part of the course in the fastest time and that was Amanda McCullough and ‘Lady Braveanna’. The pair attacked the course with great enthusiasm, they lost both stirrups along the way but they gathered themselves up and did not let this hamper them when it came to the speed round, achieving 28.43 seconds and first place! They certainly worked hard for this red rosette. Hot on Amanda and ‘Lady Braveanna’s’ heels was Christine Cosgrove and ‘CTP Kamakazee’, with a split second separating the pair, 0.17 seconds to be exact which meant Christine slotted into second place on the day.

The 80cm class was the largest of the day with a total of 7 competitors. As the fences got that little bit higher, the sound of poles hitting the ground became more frequent and that illusive clear round was yet too be seen until Kelsea Maginnis and Kathryn Henderson entered the arena. Both riders were the only ones to achieve a double clear and for the second week in a row first place went to Kelsea Maginnis and ‘Dancer’ in 27.81 seconds, the pair jumped the course with ease! Second place went to Kathryn Henderson and ‘Betty’ in a time of 28.88 seconds. This pair certainly made their mark on Hagans Croft, with a lovely consistent and flowing round and very well deserving of the blue rosette, we hope these pair will see out the rest of the league.

The course was adjusted to the 90cm class where some fantastic horse and rider combinations jumped the course with ease. One of those combinations was Beth Taylor and ‘Millyard Bobstar’, the pair achieved a double clear round, taking all the turns possible to achieve the fastest time of the whole day - 21.43 seconds, therefore it was not denying the red rosette was going to this pair. Second place went to Kelsea Maginnis and ‘Dancer’ who beat their previous speed time from the 80cm class and claimed the blue rosette for the 90cm class.

There was no one entered for the 1.1m class therefore the last class of the day was the 1m class, where Kaiti McCann and ‘Cookie’ had the red rosette in the bag from the word go.

Katie Rutherford, Dixie

With an unfortunate pole down at fence four it didn’t matter as the pair had the red ribbon in their sights, completing the course in 30.22 seconds.

Hagans Croft would like to thank everyone who supported the third leg of Hagan’s Croft’s five week Showjumping League. Thank you to our arena party Katie and Madison and to Black Horse Photography for covering the event. All photographs can be viewed and purchased from the Black Horse Photography website.

Showjumping Results Saturday 25th June 2022

Class 1 - X-Poles - Clear Rounds

Amanda McCullough, Ladt Braveanna

Lily Henderson, Emily; Rachel Stranney, Snowy; Sophie McCullough, Ralphie.

Class 2 - 50cm

1) Anna Poots, Jack; 2) Rose Henderson, Tubster; 3) Rachel Price, Sporty, 4) Rachel Stranney, Snowy; 5) Siobhan Clarke, Apollo.

Class 3 - 60cm

Betha Taylor, Millyard Bobstar

1) Katie Rutherford, Dixie; 2) Jocelyn Willis, Sam; 3) Siobhan Clarke, Apollo.

Class 4 - 70cm

1) Amanda Mccullough, Lady Braveanna; 2) Christine Cosgrove, CTP Kamakazee; 3) Abbey Stevenson, Belle; 4) Beth Taylor, Tannaghmore Beau.

Class 5 - 80cm

1) Kelsea Maginnis, Dancer; 2) Kathryn Henderson, Betty; 3) Abbey Stevenson, Belle; 4) Abbie Cummins, Cassie; 5) Katie McKee, Freddy; 6) Molly Smyth, April.

Class 6 - 90cm

Kaiti McCann, Cookie

1) Beth Taylor, Mill Yard Bobstar; 2) Kelsea Maginnis, Dancer; 3) Kathryn Henderson, Betty; 4) Christopher McCartan, Melody.

Class 7 - 1m

1) Kaiti McCann, Cookie.