Ron Williamson, the King of Bondhill

NIPA record breaker Ron Williamson who holds the record of 1st Open NIPA added another success from 2nd Talbenny, in recent years he has set up a loft in Newry and District and had added to his wins especially during the old bird season of 2020. This week the big success was scored at Bondhill in Portadown. The race was very kindly sponsored by Home Farm Bird Supplies in Newry.

Thursday, 17th June 2021, 11:00 am
Ron Williamson topped the NIPA racing to his Portadown loft at Bondhill. Winning the Blue Riband Kings Cup was extra special
Ron Williamson topped the NIPA racing to his Portadown loft at Bondhill. Winning the Blue Riband Kings Cup was extra special

NIPA 2nd Talbenny 605/8,813 -sponsored by Home Farm Bird Supplies

1-1E R Williamson Bondhill 1391, 2-1G G Murphy Ballyholland 1386, 3-1B A Darragh Cullybackey 1385, 4-1F McCartan and Woodsides Crossgar 1383, 5-2B W and J Smyth Ballymena 1377, 6-2G R Williamson Newry and Dist 1376, 7-1D M Russell Dromara 1375, 8-2F D Grieves Killyleagh and Dist 1373, 9-2E R Williamson Bondhill 1372, 10-3E Alan Cherry Annaghmore 1371, 11-4E G Buckley and Son Annaghmore 1369, 12-5E R Williamson Bondhill 1369, 13-6E R Williamson Bondhill 1366, 14-3G Donnelly Brothers Newry City Inv 1366, 15-7E T Wilson Gilford 1365, 16-3B A and M Boyle Windsor Soc 1365, 17-8E G and A Campbell Armagh 1365, 18-1A M/M G Larmour Coalisland 1365, 19-9E G and C Simmons Edgarstown 1363, 20-10E D and B Lyness Lurgan Social 1362.

Best in each NIPA Section:

Mrs Brigit McCrudden from Coleraine and Co Londonerry holding her winner, 2nd Triangle and 2nd Sect A.

Section A 48/570 – M/M G Larmour Coalisland 1365, Mrs B McCrudden Coleraine and County Derry 1336, B Morgan Coalisland 1321.

Section B 89/1031 – A Darragh Cullybackey 1385, W and J Smyth Ballymena 1377, A and M Boyle Windsor Soc 1365.

Section C 106/1491 – Grattan Brothers and Speers Eastway 1362, G and M Atcheson Ligoniel 1362, D M G Ferguson Wheatfield 1361.

Section D 62/1091 – M Russell Dromara 1375, A T and J Houston Lisburn and Dist 1351, Joe Ward Glen HPS 1339.

Larkin Brothers had the winner in Portadown and Drumcree

Section E 141/2710 – Ron Williamson Bondhill 1391, R Williamson Bondhill 1372, Alan Cherry Annaghmore 1371.

Section F 36/515 – McCartan and Woodsides Crossgar 1383, D Grieves Killyleagh and Dist 1373, R Watson and Son Killyleagh Cent 1352.

Section G 63/1095 – G Murphy Ballyholland 1386, Ron Williamson Newry and Dist 1376, Donnelly Brothers Newry City Inv 1366.

Section H 60/310 – R Witherow Limavady 1242, R Witherow 1221, A Kelly Omagh and District 1193.

The Simmons team, well pleased with success in Edgarstown

NIPA Race/Date

Talbenny (2) 12th June 2021 – Liberation at 8.00am, wind Lt South West

NIPA Sect A Clubs

Coalisland and District – Mr and Mrs G Larmour 1365, B Morgan 1321, 1321, 1321, Mr and Mrs G Larmour 1308, K Murphy 1307.

Coleraine Premier HPS 14/173 – J Hanson 1316, S Diamond 1316, 1314, J Hanson 1305, S Diamond 1296, D Coyle and Son 1294. Jimmy Hanson takes the Red Card from 2nd Talbenny.

Coleraine and County Derry – Mrs B McCrudden 1336, W and W Murdock 1280, 1246, Terence McCrudden 1213.

Cookstown Social – Kenny Morton and Sons 1316, G Marshall 1287, Kenny Morton and Sons 1269, 1257, Brian McSloy 1250, Kenny Morton and Sons 1242.

Dungannon 7/90 – J and J Sampson 1320, Mariusz Pawlak 1244, W Leckey and Son 1233, Mariusz Pawlak 1209, E Bleeks 1184, 1181.  

Windsor Social 10/282 – A and M Boyle 1365, R McCann 1320, R and J Parke 1282, A and M Boyle 1263, K Glass 1251, R McCann 1235. Well done Andy and Mavis Boyle 16th Open, 3rd in Section B. Young McCann, you are flying brilliant. Probably the most consistent loft in the Triangle.  


NIPA Sect H Clubs

Amelia Earhart 8/28 – John Healy 1056, W McCloskey 983, 969, E Quigley 888, R McMonagle 771.

Derry and District 10/55 – A McCrudden 1080, 1031, J and G Ramsey 927, 850, A McCrudden 848, 826. Great flying Anthony well done.

Foyle RPS 7/27 – W and D Hamilton 1061, D W Lofts 932, 932, 901, 889, John Coyle 865. An absolute cracking fly today for Darren and Willie Hamilton. On the back of a great result at their Donegal loft last week, the focus this week turned to the Derry Loft. An absolute super fly from these men in a hard day’s fly into the Northwest. Well done folks and to the other game birds that made it home today.

Limavady – Ronnie Witherow 1242, 1221, H Crawford 1098, 1080, 1074, 1072.

Maiden City 9/47 – Pat McLaughlin 1188, J and M McGettigan 795, Frankie Ramsey 757, P Cregan 681. Great result for the club Secretary making it back-to --back wins from Talbenny

Mourne and District – David Booth 1106, 1106, 1105, C and C Reid 1074, David Booth 946.  

Omagh and District – A Kelly 1193, K Armstrong 1191, A Kelly 1160, Glen Quinn 1156, A Kelly 1098, Glen Quinn 1090.

Strabane and District – Raymond McAteer 981, Tommy Ferguson 905, Tommy McNulty 903, Declan McNulty 806, 805. Another very hard race this week well done Raymond and to all who clocked. The winning bird looks in super condition, well done.


NIPA Sect B Clubs

Ahoghill Flying Club 8/105 – M/M Robinson 1346, 1340, 1293, 1286, Balmer Young and Son 1279, J Smyth and Son 1277. Brooke Supplies 2 Bird Club – Mr and Mrs Robinson 1346, 1340. Super flying by Mr and Mrs Robinson, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and nearly missed this.

Ballymena and District HPS 6/83 – W and J Smyth 1377, 1319, 1290, 1280, 1275, R Service and Son 1270. Another excellent result for old hands William and Joe Smyth taking the top 5 positions for the second channel race in a row. Their winner a 4 year old blue widowhood cock has won a host of prizes and has now won a deserved 1st MA Combine. Their second bird won 3rd club and 14th Combine from Talbenny last week and their 3rd bird timed won 5th club and 24th Combine last week again Talbenny. The fifth bird timed a dark w/f cock won 2nd Section B and 7th Open NIPA again from a Talbenny race two season’s ago.

Ballymoney HPS 14/160 – D Dixon 1313, D Devenney 1286, J McDowell and Sons 1281, D Dixon 1275, 1273, J Connolly 1248.

Dervock RPS 6/76 – D Devenney 1286, C McCook 1230, J Walker 1195, C McCook 1183, D and H Stuart 1180, W and L McCaw 1151.

Ballymoney West Combine 5/46 – J McDowell and Sons 1281, L Neill 1228, W Blair 1219, W Rodgers 1182.

Broughshane and District 6/49 – D Houston and Son 1273, 1272, 1260, Mrs V Gage 1196, T and M Morrow 1192, 1131.

Cullybackey HPS – A Darragh 1389, 1350, C and R McIntyre 1350, A Darragh 1349, 1320, C and R McIntyre 1283.

Crumlin and District 8/113 – G Grant 1297, 1266, Fleming Brothers 1250, McConville Brothers 1249, 1249, J Harkness 1248.

Harryville HPS 13/112 – J Rock 1320, 1286, L Mullan 1258, D Craig 1251, J Millar and Son 1250, J Rock 1242. Yet another win from Talbenny for Jimmy Rock, breeding the best Jacobs x Van Herck bloodlines from Gerald Delaney.

Kells and District HPS 6/69 – Surgenor Brothers 1347, S Murphy 1302, 1296, C and D Jackson 1295, S Murphy 1292, B Swann and Son 1283.

Muckamore 6/102 – S and N Maginty 1330, A and E Bell 1314, 1293, S and N Maginty 1282, SJ Bones and T Yates 1274, A and E Bell 1265.Randalstown HPS 8/96 – Stewart Brothers 1281, J Millar 1279, Stewart Brothers 1242, J McNeill and Son 1240, J Millar 1227, 1219.

Rasharkin and District 8/93 – F Barkley 1352, J and M Milliken 1321, 1302, A C and T Tweed 1265, 1253, Trevor Whyte 1253. Danny Dixon – 1313.76, 1275.39, 1273.05. See photo Freddie Barkley with his good blue cock flow on roundabout. This was the third 1st for this one, twice winning from Fermoy before winning from Talbenny.


NIPA Sect E Clubs

Annaghmore – Alan Cherry 1371, G Buckley and Son 1369, 1362, 1361, R D Calvin 1353, G Buckley and Son 1349. Update to result amended, Alan Cherry wins today from Talbenny.

Armagh HPS 11/189 – G and A Campbell 1365, 1341, 1332, P Campbell and Sons 1307, A Geraghty 1300, P Duffy 1299.

Beechpark Social – G and P Lavery 1336, 1295, D Mawhinney and Son 1286.

Blackwatertown HPS – Joe Brown 1337, 1325, Collins and Douglas 1309. Joe Brown 1299.

Bondhill Social – Ron Williamson 1391, 1372, 1369, 1366, 1352, 1346.

Edgarstown 12/243 – G and C Simmons 1363, 1337, S and E Buckley 1330, A and R Neill 1298, S and E Buckley 1296, A and R Neill 1296. Edgarstown HPS  2nd Talbenny Side bet - 1st A and R Neill, 2nd O Ford. Me, my dad and Bethany are chuffed to bits with today’s result taking the top two after a couple of weeks of hitting the crossbar, our winner was a roundabout cock Kees Bousa/Figo a gift late bred in 2019 from Darren Aiken, well done to all in result. Simo PO.

Gilford and District 8/105 – Tom Wilson 1365, Rafferty and Toman 1342, 1342, Tom Wilson 1332, A Feeney and Son 1326, Tom Wilson 1287.

Laurelvale – Alan Craig 1347, 1299, 1298, John Doey 1295, Thompson Brothers and Jameson 1295.

Loughgall – Nelson Weir 1357, Stanley West 1308, 1292, Nelson Weir 1290.

Lurgan Social 16/284 – D and B Lyness 1362, R Adamson 1355, C J and B Fereris 1340, R Adamson 1333, K Henderson and Son 1325, C J and B Ferris 1324. Well done Dennis Lyness winning the club and lifting the DTW and Nom.

Markethill 8/105 – B and P Baird 1294, G Steenson 1277, R McCracken 1258, K and R Black 1241, R McCracken 1240, B and P Baird 1225.  Well done Brian Baird having a super season.

Monaghan – S O’Brien 1274, James Graham 1256, Keith Allister 1252, B Corley 1214, Cooney Brothers 1207, S O’Brien 1206.  Monaghan results for today’s Talbenny and Fermoy. Congratulations to Stephen O’Brien topping the club from Talbenny. Stephen had the first 9 in the club last year from this race. Well done to all.

Portadown and Drumcree – Larkin Brothers 1348, J Whitten and Son 1347, Aiden Fearon 1313, J Whitten and Son 1313, Larkin Brothers 1300, B Creaney 1282. 2 Bird Club -

1. A Fearon, 2. Sloan and Reid. Nom - 1. Sloan and Reid, 2. A McDonald. Well done to Larkin Brothers on winning today’s race from Talbenny winning their 2nd race this old bird season. Well done to all the members in the Top 10. Jason PO.

Wilton Cross7/162 – G Douglas 1339, J Brown 1314, G Douglas 1308, 1298, 1292, 1288.  Congratulations to Geoffrey Douglas taking the spoils in all 3 races today, well done to all in the result.

Coleraine Triangle 2nd Talbenny – A and M Boyle Windsor Soc 1365, Mrs B McCrudden Coleraine and County Derry 1336, R McCann Windsor Soc 1320, J Hanson Coleraine Prem 1316, S Diamond Coleraine Prem 1316, S Diamond 1314, J Hanson 1305, S Diamond 1296, D Coyle and Son Colerainme Prem 1294, Diamond Brothers and G McLaughlin 1293, R and J Parke Windsor Son 1282, W and W Murdock Coleraine and County Derry 1280, Newton and Quinn Coleraine Prem 1273, D Coyle and Son 1263, A and M Boyle 1263.

City of Derry Federation 2nd Talbenny – P McLaughlin Maiden City 1188, A McCrudden Derry and Dist 1080, W and D Hamilton Foyle 1061, John Healy Amelia Earhart 1056, A McCrudden 1031, W McCloskey Amelia Earhart 983, W McCloskey 969, D W Lofts Foyle 932, D W Lofts 932, J and G Ramsey Derry and Dist 927.

Foyle Valley Combine result for Talbenny 2 - This week proved another very-difficult race from the channel, Pat McLaughlin takes the top position this week with a cracking performance.  The Foyle Valley Combine winner Talbenny (2), we clear for the NIPA Vice Chairman Pat McLaughlin.

Ballymena loft W and J Smyth win 1st Mid Antrim Combine

The second channel race of the season was again from Talbenny in south Wales. The birds were liberated on Saturday 12th June at 8.00am in a light north westerly wind. The best pigeon winning 1st Mid Antrim Combine was timed by William and Joe Smyth of Ballymena and District. This partnership consisting of 87 year old William and 84 year old Joe have an outstanding channel record dating back 60 years which has included 2nd Open in both the NIPA French OB Derby and Penzance OB Classic. In the present-day racing, there is hardly a season goes past when they don’t win the Combine or Section from a channel event especially Penzance their favourite race point. Their winning bird this week a 4 year old blue widowhood cock was timed at 12.41pm for the 220 mile fly to the lofts at Carniny Road and recorded 1377ypm. This cock was purchased direct from Jackie Traynor of Co. Durham and is probably their best racing cock at present having won countless prizes both inland and channel including 1st Talbenny and 2nd Bude and also bred there Fermoy winner a couple of weeks back. The Partnership took the top five positions in the club for the second week running and now have 3 wins for the season. Combine runner up on 1352 was Freddie Barkley of Rasharkin followed by Surgenor Brothers of Kells on 1347, two good bird for Mr and Mrs Robinson who have the top four in Ahoghill 1346, John and Mark Milliken of Rasharkin 1321 and Jimmy Rock on 1320 who was winning for the 5th time this season. Mervyn Eagleson PO.

Mid Antrim Combine Talbenny (2) 46/547 Top 40 - W and J Smyth Ballymena 1377 F Barkley Rasharkin 1352 Surgenor Brothers Kells 1347 Mr and Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 1346, Mrs and Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 1340 J and M Milliken Rasharkin 1321 J Rock Associate 1320 W and J Smyth Ballymena 1319 D Dixon Rasharkin 1313 J and M Milliken 1302 S Murphy Kells 1302 S Murphy Kells 1296 C and D Jackson Kells 1295 Mr and Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 1293 S Murphy Kells 1292 W and J Smyth Ballymena 1290 Mr and Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 1286 J Rock Associate 1286 Stewart Brothers Randalstown 1281 W and J Smyth Ballymena 1280 Balmer Young and Sons Ahoghill 1279 J Miller Randalstown 1279 J Smyth and Son Ahoghill 1277 D Dixon 1275 W and J Smyth 1275 D Houston and Son Associate 1273 D Dixon 1273 D Houston and Son 1272 R Service and Son Ballymena 1270 Surgenor Brothers 1268 W and J Smyth 1268 McAlonan Brothers Associate 1267 A and C and T Tweed Rasharkin 1265 S Murphy 1264 D Houston and Son 1260 C and D Jackson 1260 S Murphy 1255 A and C and T Tweed 1253 T Whyte Rasharkin 1253 S Murphy 1252.

MA Combine Old Bird Knockout Q/F 2nd Talbenny.

S Murphy Kells 1302 v D Dixon Rasharkin 1313.

Mr and Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 1346 v Young McManus and Sons (N=never sent).

J Rock Associate 1320 v J Eagleson and Sons Ballymena (never sent).

T and G Balmer Ahoghill 1215 v Stewart Brothers Randalstown 1281.

MA Combine Champions League Q/F 2nd Talbenny.

D Dixon Rasharkin 1313 v Mr and Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 1346.

H Cubitt Rasharkin 1249 v Surgenor Brothers Kells 1347.

H Boyd Kells (Never sent) v J Eagleson and Sons Ballymena (never sent).

R Service and Son Ballymena 1270 v F and G and J Dickey Randalstown 0.

Draws for both semi-finals will take place in Ballymena and District clubrooms on Bude marking evening. With all the results for three races some info might not be lined up as usually done, Fermoy and Fermoy 5 Bird will follow. Not enough hours at the weekend, and thanks again to PO Mervyn Eagleson for his invaluable contributions.