Spirits high at Hagans Crofts Jump Mix

After a great dry spell Saturday 30th April saw a damp start to the second week of Hagans Crofts 5 week Jump Mix league.

However spirits were on a high as the day started out with the x-pole class, with double clears a plenty and every competitor receiving a rosette for all their efforts.

Moving onto the 50cm class, where the second part of the course was timed fences nine to 12.

It was first place for Megan Burns and ‘Merlin’ in a steady time of 42.09 seconds, followed by Emma Andrews a ‘Mouse’ in second place.

Lily Henderson, Emily

It has been a while since we seen Kristina Hayes and her colourful mare ‘Ruby’ out jumping, nonetheless the pair did not disappoint, as they jumped round the 60cm like it was a course of 80cm, both smiling the whole way round and Kristina chuckling to herself as Ruby was super keen to get round the course. And that they did, completing the course with all poles intact, achieving a double clear in a time of 34.15 seconds and first place. Hot on Kristina and ‘Ruby’s’ heels was Vivienne Andrews and ‘Sarah’s Pebbles’, double clear in a time of 34.75 seconds and cantering into second place.

Maisie Anderson was very impressed with hers and ‘Issy’s’ performance in the 70cm class, last week they picked up four faults for an unfortunate pole down leaving them in eighth place, however this week it was clear all the way in a time of 24.31 seconds which secured the first place and the red ribbon. Again for the second week in a row it was the blue ribbon for Eva Wright and her lovely grey mare ‘Cappa Rose’, clear in a time of 25.34 seconds. Well done, a joy to watch.

Chloe McLaughlin and ‘Teddyboy’ achieved another beautiful double clear for the second week in a row within the 80cm class.

The pair had a steady rhythm throughout the course and successfully executed all turns within the timed section of the course, finishing in a time of 23.31 seconds, over 10 seconds ahead of all the other competitors, therefore nothing could knock them off the top spot and very well deserving of a red ribbon for all their efforts.

Kristina Hayes, Ruby

Onto the 90cm class where only two competitors finished with a double clear therefore it was down to who done it in the fastest time and that was Sienna Dalzell and ‘Diamond’ in a time of 24.31 seconds. Leaving Elaine Morrow and ‘Daisy’ in second place in a time of 30.07 seconds.

The final class of the day was the 1m class and as the fences were raised, the double clears were fewer and harder to achieve.

With only one competitor finishing on a double clear, Elaine Morrow and ‘Daisy’ had the red ribbon in the bag.

Hagans Croft would like to thank everyone who supported the 2nd leg of Hagan’s Croft’s five week Jump Mix League. Thank you to the judge Gail Smyth and to Black Horse Photography for covering the event.

Maisie Anderson, Izzy

All photographs can be viewed and purchased from the Black Horse Photography website.

Entries are via Hagans Crofts website www.haganscroftequestrian.co.uk or you can also enter via the Hagans Croft App.

Entries close each Thursday at 8pm and times are posted late Thursday evening.

To qualify for the final in week five, each horse/pony and rider combination must compete in three out of the five weeks and within the same class.

Eirin Corbett, Banksy

Competitors must compete in the final to be eligible for league placings, placings will be based on a points system.

The final is open to everyone with a separate prize giving taking place for competitors on the day and league competitors.

To find out more about the league, please contact Gillian on 07849 106453 or go to the website: www.haganscroftequestrian.co.uk

Jump Mix Results Saturday 30th April 2022

Class 1 - X-Poles - Clear rounds

Lily Henderson, Emily; Megan Burns, Lily; Rachel Stranney, Snowy.

Chloe McLaughlin, Teddyboy

Class 2 - 50cm

1) Megan Burns, Merlin; 2) Emma Andrews, Mouse; 3) Rachel Stranney, Snowy; 4) Rose Henderson, Tubster; 5) Rachel Price, Sporty.

Class 3 - 60cm

1) Kristina Hayes, Ruby; 2) Vivienne Andrews, Sarah’s Pebbles; 3) Kristen Kleinman, Darra; 4) Emma Andrews, Mouse; 5) Maisie Anderson, Izzy; 6) Amy Wright, Rathcairn Blue.

Class 4 - 70cm

1) Maisie Anderson, Izzy; 2) Eva Wright, Cappa Rose; 3) Kristen Kleinman, Darra; 4) Amy Cope, Buckaroo; 5) Molly Marner, Glider; 6) Imogen Hillis, Goose.

Class 5 - 80cm

1) Chloe McLaughlin, TeddyBoy; 2) Eirin Corbett, Banksy; 3) Molly Marner, Glider; 4) Sara Gray, Keizer; 5) Eva Wright, Cappa Rose; 6) Jacqui Porter, Clara.

Class 6 - 90cm

1) Sienna Dalzell, Diamond; 2) Elaine Morrow, Daisy; 3) Chloe McLaughlin, Teddyboy; 4) Charlotte McGladery, Dude.

Class 7 - 1m

1) Elaine Morrow, Daisy; 2) Chloe McLaughlin, Teddyboy; 3) Sienna Dalzell, Diamond.