Steers and bull selling to £1015 at Lisnaskea

A good selection on offer at Lisnaskea Livestock Sales on Tuesday 21st September sold to a steady demand for all sorts.

This week weanling steers and bulls sold to £319 per 100kg for a 270kg Limousin to £860 for a Newtownbutler producer with a 400kg Charolais to £1015 (£254) for a Lisnaskea producer.

Smaller ones sold to £302 per 100kg for a 235kg Charolais to £710 for a Derrylin producer.

Weanling heifers sold to £1190 for a 700kg Aberdeen Angus (£170) for a Newtownbutler producer with a 430kg Charolais to £1080 (£257) and a 410kg Charolais to £1020 (£249) for same producer.

Sample prices

Weanling steers and bulls

Lisnaskea producer 400kg Charolais to £1015 (£254) and 355kg Charolais to £900 (£254) Newtownbutler producer 350kg Limousin to £1010 (£289) 270kg Limousin to £860 (£319) and 330kg Limousin to £750. Fivemiletown producer 400kg Limousin to £1000 (£250) 420kg B/B. to £970, 355kg Limousin to £870 and 410kg Hereford to £850. Lisbellaw producer 350kg Limousin to £955 (£273) and 345kg Limousin to £830. Brookeborough producer 495kg Aberdeen Angus to £900, 450kg Aberdeen Angus to £880, 400kg Aberdeen Angus to £800, 425kg Aberdeen Angus to £730, and 385kg Aberdeen Angus to £710. Derrylin producer 290kg Simmental to £765, 290kg Simmentals to £715 x 2 265kg Charolais to £675, 280kg Limousin to £670 and 280kg Aberdeen Angus to £650. Derrylin producer 235kg Charolais to £710 (£302) and 240kg Charolais to £710 x 2 (£296).

Weanling heifers

Newtownbutler producer heavy Aberdeen Angus 700kg to £1190 (£170) 430kg Charolais to £1080 (£257) 440kg Charolais to £1065 (£242) 440kg Charolais to £1020 (£232) 410kg Charolais to £1020 (£249) 430kg Charolais to £1000, 420kg Charolais to £980 and 390kg Charolais to £900. Newtownbutler producer 355kg Limousin to £740 and 355kg Limousin to £725. Derrylin producer 270kg Aberdeen Angus to £670.

More stock required weekly to supply a growing demand for all sorts.